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Valentina Laviola

a falcon sitting on a horizontal bar suspended above the horse are clearly visible (Fig. I ). A thin fillet encloses the figures. The neatness of the decoration allows one to observe some details. The mounting seems provided with an elaborate harness: part of the saddlecloth and its ornamental

Dorit Gottesfeld

, with vertical and horizontal clues that describe a series of situations that represent the institution of marriage in a negative light and expose lies, hypocrisy, and insincerity between the sexes. For example: 1 across: She is . . . beautiful and seductive . . . her husband is a serial womanizer

Representing the Nation Horizontally and Vertically

Identity Differences and Asymmetries of Power in Mauritania

Riccardo Ciavolella

a geometric metaphor, from a “horizontal” representation of Mauritania in terms of cultural diversity, to a “vertical” one in terms of social and political hierarchy and asymmetries. I take this idea of looking at relations between social groups from a Gramscian, especially Italian, tradition of

The Matrix of Communication in Social Movements

A Comparison of the 1979 Revolution and 2009 Green Movement in Iran

Roozbeh Safshekan

wide range of media platforms. Foreign mainstream media, in contrast, can express a wider range of narratives but may not always be accessible inside Iran. ‘Alternative media’, in contrast, is amateur, has a participatory and horizontal working structure and often limited funding. In most existing

Suggestion, Translation, Transposition

Semiotic Reflections on Collective Action in the Middle East and Beyond

Peyman Vahabzadeh

Middle East must therefore be viewed primarily in terms of their constituent movements—women’s, students, workers, minorities’ rights movements, and so on, with each movement trying to influence the public discourse and effect legal changes that protect the rights of its constituents. As such, aside

Betsy Birns McCall

, for example, condominiums; 134 (5) An increase in rents of units in the uncontrolled market;135 (6) The creation of horizontal inequities, with long-term tenants benefiting more than short-term tenants or new market entrants in the same socio-economic pOSltlon;136 * Special thanks to Dr Mona

Arbitral Award

In the Second Stage of the Proceedings in the Matter of the Arbitration Between Eritrea and Yemen (Maritime Delimitation)*

Editors Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

chiefly in the narrow waters between the Hanish group of islands and the Eritrean coast that the question of security or non-encroachment arose. According to Yemen, this concern is automatically addressed by the application of the principle of equidis- tance which was intended to effect equality of

Valentina Laviola

signature (Pl. ii .1) lies on the ewer’s body, approximately near the lower junction point of its handle. It runs horizontally, unframed, in the free space comprised between a continuous band and a cartouche. The script is cursive; there are some dots, but it is unclear whether they play a diacritical role

legal processes and comparative legal history which has a broader interest in the processes themselves. In this context, scholars speak of comparative law as being either horizontal and vertical, or synchronic or diachronic. Hence, Kemke pursues diachronic comparative law when he examines the

Rudolph Peters

imprisonment, deterrence. 24 To emphasize the deterrent aspect of capital punishment, the Civil Council ( Meclis-i MŸlkiye ) issued instructions in November 1834 to the effect that the bodies of persons who had been hanged were to remain on the gallows for one day and that posters were to be distributed and