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support, while Greville’s arm frames Clytie , rather than a living member of the family. Townley’s family members are absent and replaced by nude or semi-clad gods, nymphs, and goddesses, but these also throng the canvas with the arrested animation and hints of narrative which were typical of Zoffany

In: Antiquity and Enlightenment Culture

-borns can distinguish their mothers from other women almost immediately) and to "the warmth of natural de- votion" (Colloquies, 283). "Otherwise, when your child is ready to speak and with his sweet baby talk calls you 'Mamma,' what will be your reaction, hearing this from him to whom you refused the breast

In: Erasmus Studies

the classical goddesses Minerva, Venus, and Juno. The nine Muses, the three Graces, Fortune, and Nemesis are feminine as are the linguistically feminine words, "Literature" and "Philosophy." Native lands such as "France," "Britain," and "Batavia" are hailed as mothers. The childbirth metaphor is used

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’ idea of polemos as the origin of everything and a fundamental force allowing the continuity of life. 17 Except for Heraclitus and a few other authors, the Greek goddesses Enyo and Eris as well as the Latin Discordia had usually been negative figures in literature, and neither an encomium nor a

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picture of the Celtic world which is drawn in consequence of this approach is based on two oppositions: for the world of the gods an opposition bet- ween tribal chieftain-gods and local mother-goddesses, and for the hu- man world an opposition between the tribal hero (represented in Irish tradition by Cu

In: Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte

relations would continue to be so: "We became friendly again ... 'As of one father and mother you have be- come' ... I planned to go to his country, we were to eat each other's bread! Now, your lord has died. As I was on friendly terms with your lord, so will I be with him (i.e. the new king). Support him

In: Grotiana

watery surge of Sebethos. And may you, Phoebus, father, inventor and author ( auctor ) of poesy, assist me along with Latona’s virgin daughter, glory of the night, and all those gods and goddesses under whose will the heavens exist. And I address you, Bountiful Venus (we have played enough with tender

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study to reconcile things essentially [kat'ousian] differing such as are 'necessary' and 'free' (for liberty is the mother of contingency). That indeed seems to me most true, especially if we speak of the ordinary way of divine providence: 'In whatever manner God moves our wills, yet the will retains

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would obtain akkāh and ammāh . Yet both words, akkā and ammā , are kinship terms in Tamil, denoting respectively, the elder sister and the mother. To make matters worse, ammā is the usual appellation with which Hindu devotees address goddesses in Tamil. To pronounce Allah with tafkhīm

In: Philological Encounters