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Taranga who hurled him into the sea where he was raised by the gods (Monaghan 2014). Unlike the movie’s allusions, later in his life he was reunited with his mother. The portrayal of Maui has caused some concerns with many Polynesian people. That is because in many animated stories Maui is depicted as

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology

? Spitz (1967) and Bruner (1977), from a psychoanalytic view point, have described how the child answers to parental refusa ls and denials with an identiŽcation . In concrete terms this happens by the child evoking in himself or imitating the mother ’s “no.” Thus, in his second year one can often observe

In: Journal of Phenomenological Psychology

measured, as at Stonehenge or Newgrange. Paleolithic myths of heroic hunter’s journey’s were replaced or supplemented by myths of earth mother goddesses descending into an underworld of death and eventually emerging to new life. Cyclical time was added to the time of whatever was happening in a “now

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source for all that is done in the present world “How should it be sown, how should it dawn?” , (D. Tedlock 1985, p. 73), the gods ask themselves as they contemplate the creative act. Events that took place then, by our creators, our founders, our so-called mother-fathers, are responsible for setting

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’s pluralism, in which no one character has a singular claim to morally authoritative status, although ethical choices are certainly made. It is borne out in the story of Fanny, her mother Olivia, her grandmother Mama Celie and her lesbian partner Mama Shug. These latter women are to an extent moral exemplars

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transitory place in the sky before rebirth, and they are thought to be the earthly embodiments of the feminine divine principle, dakini . The Egyptian Mother goddess, Mut, is also associated with the vulture. Walker ( 1983 ) suggests that the association between motherhood and the vulture stems from a time

In: Society & Animals