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measured, as at Stonehenge or Newgrange. Paleolithic myths of heroic hunter’s journey’s were replaced or supplemented by myths of earth mother goddesses descending into an underworld of death and eventually emerging to new life. Cyclical time was added to the time of whatever was happening in a “now

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source for all that is done in the present world “How should it be sown, how should it dawn?” , (D. Tedlock 1985, p. 73), the gods ask themselves as they contemplate the creative act. Events that took place then, by our creators, our founders, our so-called mother-fathers, are responsible for setting

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numbers onto cats. The upshot of all this is not to claim that ancient mariners are young goddesses or that cats are cherries, but only to underscore how loosely scientific practices are connected to kinds of reality. Traditionally, metaphysics has been concerned to mark out the most basic kinds of things

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