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Joop W. Koopmans

reconciliation between Lutheranism and Calvinism. With respect to his character, he could be a difficult person, partially due to his illnesses. 36 Which matters does the EM discuss concerning this King and his estates? Before answering this question, it is interesting to notice that this chronicle paid more


Joop W. Koopmans

Anglican Church. 20 In 1639, the Estates General prolonged the ban on pamphlets that got on the nerves of other states, thus including those of the English king Charles  I . The Republic did not wish to provide England with an excuse to seek a reconciliation with Spain. 21 The English Civil War and the

H.W. Van Tricht

deed of betrothal now removes all doubt as to the identity of Poirier as the translator of Lof der zotheid and Aelianus's treatises on tactics. - De 1' union et reconciliation des églises evangeliques de l' Europe, ou des moyens d'itablir 155 entre elles une tolerance en charité, par Godefroy

his 'Hundred Guilder' print? Finally, it might be regarded as an act of reconciliation between Amsterdam and Leiden that the great Erasmus edition of 1703-6, which, as it were, stood at the cradle of the Enlightenment, was prepared by the Amsterdam professor Jean Leclerc and published by the Leiden

Testament en commentant les quatre Evangiles et les Actes des Ap6tres. Face a la Reforme luth6rienne qui 6tend son action, Erasme veut per fas et nefas affirmer le programme de la r6forme evangelique qu'il avait con?ue. Ses paraphrases devraient en outre servir le projet de reconciliation et de concorde qu

Herman De La Fontaine

reconciliation: a courageous action if one remembers that Alva was to enter Brussels a week later and that Margaret was packing her chattels. As Fruin says, Guicciardini was far from jumping on bandwagons. Both the Italian and the French edition of 1567 (of the latter there are also copies with the date 1568

B.A. Vermaseren

, and then, until his death, at Leipzig, where he reformed the university; published an exceptionally large number of classical texts; in religion he strove for reconciliation (NDB, vol. 3, p. 104; LThK, vol. 2, cols. 903-4). Disputatio de piis et catholicis atque orthodoxis precibus et invocatione

Pieter Obbema and Alastair Hamilton

Theologia vera et mera in which he called for a reconciliation between the quarrelling factions. He con- demned all synods and councils, particularly the Council of Nicaea, pre- senting them as corrupt gatherings which led only to strife amongst Christians. He attributed much of the theological controversy

Les Éditions de Minuit and De Bezige Bij

A Comparison of a French and a Dutch Resistance Publishing House during and shortly after World War II, 1941-1946

Hans Renders and Sjoerd van Faassen

for the first time in 1919, an appeal is also made for humanity and reconciliation with the former enemy Germany. Le Silence de la mer was also the first publication of Les Éditions de Minuit, a Resistance publishing house comparable to De Bezige Bij. In May 1946, Dutch author Adriaan Morriën

Chris L. Heesakkers and Alastair Hamilton

a humble heart and the free confession of a sinful mind lead to satisfaction and reconciliation]. The commentary to Josh 2 : 1 (OT 51) also has a distinctly Catholic ring. Under the heading 'One Good Deed Washes Away All Sins' we read: 'Although Rahab had once committed many foul deeds she was