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Gaberell Drachman

allomorphies illus- trated in the present paper? Drachman (forthcoming) seeks a reconciliation in an attempt to retain the syntactic insights of DM, while not sacrificing the ground gained under the present treatment of ‘shared’ allomorphs. Notes * This paper is a revised and expanded version of a chapter in

Aorist voice patterns in the diachrony of Greek

The New Testament as a sample of Koine

Liana Tronci

night’, βούλομαι ‘I desire’, δέομαι ‘I pray’, δύναμαι ‘I am able’, ἡττάομαι ‘I am overcome’, ἱλάσκομαι ‘I make reconciliation’, or quasi-deponent verbs, namely verbs which were coupled with a corresponding transitive causative in Classical Greek, but are exclusively attested in non-active voices in the