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Valeria Orlando, John J. Chitambar, Ke Dong, Vladimir N. Chizhov, Dimitre Mollov, Wim Bert and Sergei A. Subbotin

). The p -value of Jane analysis was less than 0.01 and, thus, significant co-speciation events were found in the results of analysis. All individual nematode-bacteria associations were statistically significant (Fig. 12). Fig. 11. Reconciliation between Candidatus Xiphinematobacter (16S rRNA

Wim Van der Putten and Christine Van der Stoel

pathogen aggressiveness. New Phytologist 129, 371-387. L ENSKI , R.E. & M AY , R.M. (1994). The evolution of virulence in parasites and pathogens: reconciliation between two com- peting hypotheses. Journal of Theoretical Biology 169, 253- 265. L ITTLE , L.R. & M AUN , M.A. (1996). The ‘ Ammophila prob- lem