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Kevin Lu

Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ (Heuer, 2017 , p. 9). By bringing to light transgressions of the past, all are invited (including perpetrators, victims and the reader) to participate in a process where ‘wounded history’ may be healed. ‘In bringing to light and clarifying discarded history’, Heuer

David Tacey

gestures would seem to suggest that healing of the split between Freud and Jung is underway at a deep level, not merely in terms of the superficial reconciliation already mentioned. But this is not the case. These psychoanalysts remain uninterested in Jung, because of the stain or taboo that continues to

Terrie Waddell

) unworkable façade. In the closing sequence, when we see her track down Hal's son Danny in the hope of reconciliation and/or finding a sense of validation, the reconnection is messy. In Danny's refusal to be taken back into Jasmine's orbit, the depth of her betrayal is exposed. While Hal's Bernie Madoff

Jon Mills

proverbial backs go up. Yet the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in response to Apartheid, the scandal over the US federal Chinese Exclusion Act and interning Japanese Americans in WWII , as well as First Nations children in Christian residential schools in Canada, and the process of family members

Ann Shearer

(with Pamela Donleavy) From ancient myth to modern healing: Themis: goddess of heart-soul, justice and reconciliation . Recent articles include ‘Adjusting the scales: restorative justice and the balance of power’ (IAJS, 2010) and ‘Restorative justice: some archetypal roots’ ( Encyclopaedia of Peace

Robert Scott Kretchmar

disparate the metaphorical target (God) is from its anchor (a big white baseball), the greater our powers of imagination need to be. We can now see why symbolic thinking cannot serve as the intellectual foundation for culture. First, the move to culture requires the reconciliation of two items of interest

Victor White OP

Defining Evil in Jungian-Christian Dialogue

Mary Stefanazzi

, whether he regards good and evil, in their countless concrete and moral manifestations, as two equally positive opposites requiring union and reconciliation, or the evil opposite as consisting in a privation to be overcome only by the supplying of the good. White , 1955, pp. 146–147 9 Conclusion The

Roger Brooke

, inclusiveness, healing and reconciliation, rather than marginalization, blame and punishment are guiding values. Through ubuntu we would imagine individuation as a process of personal growth and transformation within ever widening circles of identification, from family to friends and class mates, to local

Bruce Hedman

above all in a Copper. Figure 1 shows a Haida Copper, which always has a raised T. It is a symbol of the reconciliation of opposites, as the left and right sides are brought together in the head above the T. Duff ( 1983 ) described the Copper, rather paradoxically, writing, ‘The two bilaterally

Greg Singh

light a way towards cultural healing and reconciliation. In Waddell's article, traces of trauma, guilt (and its assuagement) and other aspects of cultural damage caused by such political recklessness of the past (as well as the reactionary forces of the political present) are the very cinematic