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Hannah C. Gunderman

tension, love, jealousy, anger, and reconciliation are brought to light in a format that is easy to read with significant theoretical relevance. For each of the characters, Breeze Harper provides insight into their personal histories, current situations, and emotional states in a continuous manner—as we

rights/environmental ethics debate: The environmental perspective Albany, NY: SUNY, 1992. xxvi. 273 pp. Attempts at conceptual reconciliation of individualistic animal rights and holistic deep ecology ethics. Soclopolitics Ingrid Newkirk Free the animals: The untold story of the US Animal Liberation

William F. S. Miles

, increasingly came to supplant pig ownership as the relevant index of wealth and power. Nevertheless, as the above compact between Vanuatu's prime minister and his erstwhile nemesis s underscores, pigs still possess significant political capital, even to the point of facilitating national reconciliation between

Brett Buchanan

in accordance with nature, while not relinquish- ing the liberal virtue of acting freely. This reconciliation between liberal individualism and cosmic holism lies at the heart of oikeiosis as the ability to dwell conscionably with the entirety of the environment in which one lives. Animals and the

Les Mitchell

understanding that this is the actual pur- pose of the nonhuman’s life (Mitchell, 2008, pp. 234-237). These and other linguistic devices can also contribute to justification and advantageous com- parison . The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa investigating the atrocities of apartheid noted

Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence

resolution of this conflict. Killing 31 animals violates kinship relations, but the ceremonies of world renewal that focus on the buffalo serve to bring about a symbolic reconciliation. Through the process of elevating the buffalo to a sacred status that is not conferred upon any other animal and by

Raymond Anthony

three emerges at a time when modern agriculture is in a state of moral infelicity because moral governance in agriculture is signifi cantly absent. Our current agricultural ethic is made up of incompatible fragments of irreconcil- able images that make it diffi cult to cement a sustainable reconciliation

Stephanie S. Frommer and Arnold Arluke

of delinquency. American Sociological Review, 22, 664-670. Tavuchis, N. (1991). Mea culpa: A sociology of apology and reconciliation. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Vaughan, T. & Sjoberg, G. (1970). The social construction of legal doctrine: The case of Adolf Eichmann. In J. Douglas (Ed

Lorraine Thorne

fail to perform in this sense, kangaroos will remain a non- issue in the international arena. The spatial imaginary of abundance must be reconciled with animals' rights to dwell in space so that an animal's abundance is not a death warrant. Such reconciliation might bring about the closure of the

Isabel Gay Bradshaw

subjectivity, to consider oneself an active agent” is prerequisite to working through rather than repetition of violence and trauma” (p. 18). Witnessing is relating to an individual not as the object of a traumatic event nor as an identifiable symptom or problem. As many truth and reconciliation commissions