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Stephen David

ahistorical thrust of the proclamation, former Biafrans lost their claim to victimhood (as the vanquished) and with it the opportunity to mourn their loss which could have started a journey of real reconciliation and reintegration. As I will argue, there was no return for these Biafrans to their prelapsarian

Lisa Slater

, wanting to learn from Aboriginal people and participate in a form of reconciliation. In this particular year, I participated in the cultural tourism program, and what distinguished the farming couple from the other tourists was their unguardedness. I found many in the cultural tourism program acutely

Witnessing the Ruins of Apartheid

The Women’s Jail (Johannesburg) as a Site of Encounter

Marie Kruger

and hence a deliberate reflection of the country’s foundational myth “that debate, reason, interaction, negotiation, and reconciliation will make the future happen.” 17 That such negotiations often lead to controversial decisions became apparent during the early stages of the spatial reconstruction

Alexa Weik von Mossner

what offers the promise of reconciliation’ between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians, stating at the same time that the relationship between personal and collective feelings of shame is much more complicated than often acknowledged. 68 A film that engages the emotions of individual viewers and

Annie Gagiano

experiences, retains humanity and a capacity for devotion. Movingly, Owuor depicts a reconciliation between Nyipir and his torturer, Petrus Keah, the “intelligence man” who had attempted to save Nyipir’s son’s life and comes to commiserate with the grieving father. At the burial, when Nyipir’s “questions

Separating the Magical from the Real

The Representation of the Barwa in Zakes Mda’s She Plays with the Darkness

Michael Wessels

with the hens also suggests hope for future reconciliation between the domestic sphere of the Basotho village and the creative, communal world represented by the “wild” Barwa as well as hope for the success of the democracy emerging in adjacent South Africa out of the ruins of apartheid


Elleni Centime Zeleke

new chairman, and therefore as the new Prime Minister of the country. 35 Since being elected, Abiy has participated in a series of rallies and meetings across the country in which he has emphasised national reconciliation between Ethiopia’s diverse ethnic groups. At a popular level, he is perceived as


Elleni Centime Zeleke

now say that critical thought provides us a passage towards nature when the ‘I think’ of human perception measures the distance between its formality and its more substantive constitution as nature: The possibilities of reconciliation appear not in certainty unaffected by thought, in the pre

Sandra Weems and Tom Bragg

, into ‘our eyes’, back into the earth, the veins of corpses, and so to the poppy behind the speaker’s ear, speckled with dust. In a poem strangely peaceful without being even resignedly patriotic, Rosenberg’s speaker washes away every distinction between ‘we’ and ‘they’ in reconciliation with nature and

Kirsten Beck

reconciliation: he is Qays, they suggest, perhaps the son of Muʿādh or perhaps the son of al-Mulawwaḥ; he was not mad, rather he was twisted. By khabar 14, we feel we almost have reached some sort of resting place at his father’s grave: ‫[14]‬ وذكر هشام بن محمد الكلبي أنه قيس بن الملوح، وحدث أن أباه مات قبل