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Violet Soen

tactics, which are often neglected, but also to understand the broader context of questions of resistance and reconciliation during the Dutch Revolt. As a clever strategist, the Prince (and later Duke) of Parma reconquered many cities for Philip II, more than any of his predecessors or successors, and

Pedro Walpole S.J.

university campuses, to comprehensive environmental auditing. The region’s Jesuit institutions, schools, and communities have initiated environment-oriented activities with the purpose of further cultivating and incorporating core commitment towards care for creation as a kind of reconciliation into their


Ann Heilmann

Traumatic experience is often related to a sense of belatedness, only graspable through geographical and temporal distance, as in the case of the self-exiled Irish narrator of Nuala O’Faolain’s My Dream of You (2001), who returns to her native country to research a nineteenth-century House of Lords divorce case for a planned novel. In her mourning for her closest friend, the protagonist Kathleen’s investigations become an attempted working-through of her own traumas as well as of her cultural heritage: the final years of the Great Hunger, the setting of the affair which led to the historical 1856 Talbot case for ‘criminal conversation’ brought by an Anglo-Irish landlord against his wife and their Irish coachman. Confronting character and readers alike with the unwieldiness and instability of legal and documentary evidence, the novel problematises conceptualisations of authenticity, appropriation, textuality, and genre (autobiography, historiography, neo-Victorianism, the postmodern text), dramatising the conjunction of eros and thanatos, femininity and famishment.

Charles Parker

PILGRIMS' PROGRESS: NARRATIVES OF PENITENCE AND RECONCILIATION IN THE DUTCH REFORMED CHURCH CHARLES PARKER Saint Louis University ABSTRACT Historians over the past twenty years have utilized consistory records to analyze long- term patterns of illicit behavior and church punishment in Reformed

Jelena Subotić

down the process of reconciliation in this country,” said Mirsad Tokača, director of the Sarajevo-based Research and Documentation Centre (Martinović 2009). Others worried that the warm welcome offered to Plavšić was a sign that Bosnian Serb leaders are supporting the war crimes she had committed. “How

Zoë Rose Buonaiuto

. While the correspondence that opened this essay between Prefect Lebas and Delegate Julitte hints at the larger story of Franco-German reconciliation and eventual success of post-war European integration, the process of “memory diplomacy” does not fully develop until after 1964. 10 For the purposes

Lawrence Wilde

, it can also be read as a fi ctional exploration of the prob- lem of how con fl icting belief systems may be reconciled in order to open the way to a more respectful and harmonious social life. It is particularly appropriate to focus on the theme of reconciliation in reading this novel because it has

Ciorciari, John D.

toward reconciliation since the overthrow of the Pol Pot regime. It discusses both "micro-reconciliation" at individual and community levels and "macro-reconciliation" at the level of the state or intern...

D.M. Loades

THE NETHERLANDS AND THE ANGLO-PAPAL RECONCILIATION OF 1554 by Dr. D. M. LOADES Durham Mary Tudor's marriage to Philip of Spain has had a remarkably bad press, even from those most sympathetic to the Queen and her policies. Contemporary Englishmen, including such loyal familiars as Sir Robert

Alan Gleason

61 LOGOS LOGOS 18/2 ©2007 LOGOS The East Asia Publishers Conference An experiment in reconciliation Alan Gleason Alan Gleason is an editor, translator and writer living in Tokyo. From 2001 to 2006 he was associate editor of the online journal The Book & The Computer , and since 2006 he has