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Jelena Subotić

down the process of reconciliation in this country,” said Mirsad Tokača, director of the Sarajevo-based Research and Documentation Centre (Martinović 2009). Others worried that the warm welcome offered to Plavšić was a sign that Bosnian Serb leaders are supporting the war crimes she had committed. “How


A R T I C L E S MARTINE DEL GIUDICE B a k u n i n ' s "Preface to Hegel's 'Gymnasium L e c t u r e s ' ": The P r o b l e m o f A l i e n a t i o n a n d the Reconciliation with R e a l i t y * The first product o f Russian Hegelianism, which served to establish its author's reputation as the


R A Y M O N D T. M c N A L L Y (Chestnut Hill, MA, U.S.A.) TWO CATHOLIC SLAVOPHILES?: IVAN S. GAGARIN AND AUGUST VON HAXTHAUSEN IN SEARCH O F CHURCH RECONCILIATION (1857-1860)* The main purpose o f this article is to trace chronologically and analyze historically the special efforts of Prince

Roger Hamburg

: From Rivalry to Reconciliation. Edited by G e o r g e G i n s b e : g s , Alvin Z. Ru- binstein, a n d O l e s M. Smolansky. A r m o n k , NY: M. E. Sharpe, 1993. xii, 3 4 2 pp. $ 6 5 . 0 0 cloth; $ 2 1 . 9 5 p a p e r . This wide ranging study is the product of a conference at the university of

Robert Weiner

a government of national reconciliation that would include the historic parties, contrary to the Soviet line that the leaders of these parties should be imprisoned. Furthermore, Pauker had also alienated Dej because she tried to protect Lucretiu Patrascanu , a leading Roma- nian communist

Danielle Ross

large part to Russian officials’ biases. In the tenth chapter, Tuna emphasizes that, despite conflicts between the Russian government and its Muslims, the flexible imperial structure continued to provide opportunities for cooperation and reconciliation. Imperial Russia’s Muslims , together with James H

Gary Rosenshield

exception of the murderer) and when it will do significant harm to the innocent? "So loss o f active love, lack of reconciliation, resentment for those left alive - these are the immediate harsh realities of the 'mysterious stranger' episode, which Dostoevsky is careful neither to soften or resolve

Manfred Nowak

* Manfred Nowak is Secretary General of EIUC . This contribution is based on the Keynote Speech held at the Global Campus of Human Rights International Conference on Liquid Reconciliation: Global Perspectives, Glocal Realities, Conference Hall of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ann M. Kleimola

Monasteries. In October he went to Staritsa for celebratory banquets with his cousin Vladimir Andreevich. 3 In what R. G. Skrynnikov saw as a “sign of final reconciliation,” 4 Ivan allowed Evfrosin’ia/Evdokiia to arrange her “household” ( obikhod ) as she wished and provided for her retainers’ annual

Hariz Halilovich

Book Reviews / Southeastern Europe 34 (2010) 135–141 137 Petrović, N., Psihološke osnove pomirenja između Srba, Hrvata i Bošnjaka (Th e Psychological Basis of Reconciliation Between Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks) (Beograd: 2005: Institut za psihologiju/ Dokumentacioni centar). ISBN: 86