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Jonathan Sullivan

spectacle in Taiwanese politics for the past three decades ( Fell, 2018 ). These communicative and mobilisational events represent ‘dynamic struggles between candidates to define the informational context for voters’ ( Carsey et al., 2011 : 269). In contemporary campaigns these ‘struggles’ operate

Eric C. Rath

. 207). One of the strengths of Goree’s essay is his description of how books about kabuki also participated in larger trends in publishing, a characteristic also evident in the essays by Zwicker and Kern. Zwicker’s fascinating chapter, “Stage and Spectacle in an Age of Maps: Kabuki and the

Ling Hon Lam

experiments in pleasure in a specific limit case. Emotion is still called emotion, but what is felt is no longer close to what the word means. 59 For discussions of Ming-Qing theatricality, see Volpp, “Gender, Power and Spectacle”; Worldly Stage ; Hay, Shitao ; Owen. “ ‘I Don’t Want to Act as Emperor Any

Johan Meuleman

, Renegotiating boundaries , p. 576 . 39 Greg Acciaioli, ‘Culture as art: from practice to spectacle in Indonesia’, Canberra Anthropology , Vol. 8 , Nos 1 and 2 ( 1985 ), p. 161 ; Keith Foulcher, ‘The construction of an Indonesian national culture: patterns of hegemony and resistance’, in Arief Budiman (ed

Eric C. Rath

proved the most influential inspirations for mitate banzuke , developed around 1750 when sumo was evolving into a regular fundraising spectacle ( kanjin ) at religious institutions. There were two styles of sumo banzuke , horizontal and vertical. In both versions, the middle part of the print bears the

Christopher Goscha

social reach. As Alexander Woodside has brilliantly shown, Nguyen Van Vinh transformed a French bourgeois gentleman into an equally ridiculous Vietnamese mandarin, who could not decide whether or not to wear his tunic to future social occasions. As Wood- side writes: Perhaps the theatrical spectacle of a

Patricia Sieber

the translation itself, the preface nevertheless correlated the work with the literary talents of a Chinese author, albeit an unnamed one. Finally, at the same time, the separation of roles was accompanied by the emergence of another mechanism of authentication, namely a sense of a visual spectacle