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Florian Schneider is managing editor of the academic journal Asiascape: Digital Asia , director of the Leiden Asia Centre, and the author of three books: Staging China: the Politics of Mass Spectacle (Leiden University Press 2019), China’s Digital Nationalism (Oxford University Press 2018

Jonathan Benney

Washington, DC Georgetown University Press 1 25 Herold David Kurt Herold David Kurt Marolt Peter ‘Introduction: Noise, Spectacle, Politics: Carnival in Chinese Cyberspace’ Online Society in China 2011 Oxford Routledge 1 21 Hofstede Geert

Zhang Ge

) – soon he fell asleep, which was the only distraction possible for him. Tobin talks of an ‘invisible engagement with their device which makes one socially invisible to a kind of embodied engagement which threatens to make one a public spectacle’ (87). This ‘invisibility’ is socially constituted: mobile

Gabriele de Seta

behind the evocative fuzziness of local terminology, is not yet given a solid ethnographic footing through discussions with the informants who brought it up, but is instead intricately linked to the theories of temporality, rhythm and spectacle of Bergson, Lefebvre and Debord among others, and then

Chin-fu Hung

Taipei. The so-called White T-Shirts Army (白衫軍) organised online, set out their detailed plans for demonstration, and put forward their demands that the rca reveal the truth about the suspicious death and bring the perpetrators to justice. In addition to creating a spectacle and singing several

Wan-Chun Huang

Democracy If We Can Pick Our Favourite Girl? Super Girl as Media Spectacle’ . Chinese Journal of Communication , 2 ( 3 ), 257 - 272 . Pool , Ithiel de Sola ( 1983 ), Technologies of Freedom: On Free Speech in an Electronic Age . Cambridge : Harvard University Press . SammeYang