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Mark A. Lewis S.J.

” (433) confirm the idea that confraternities sought to express their identities and values by artistic media. This is echoed in Alyssa Abraham’s study of “Iconography, Spectacle, and Notions of Corporate Identity.” The broad array of artistic media included in this section suggests that confraternity

Santhosh Abraham

there arose ten branches.” 54 Keyi Architecture: A Coastal Cosmopolitan Cultural Spectacle This section traces the relationship between Mappila Muslim coastal cosmopolitanism and European cultural patterns in Keyi construction projects and attempts to identify the architectural priorities of the

Kathleen Cruz Gutierrez

straddle intellectual traditions, national politics, and the language of plants. Thus, I suggest that through his writing and encyclopedism, Quisumbing establishes fresh ground for Philippine science and the archipelagic nation, then newly emerged from the spectacle of war and a long history of colonial

Tyler D. Parry

about slaves’ lavish wedding rituals and many northern visitors concluded that such ceremonies were as “inviting” as any they had attended in the North. 32 In essence, the slave wedding became a spectacle for entertaining guests and embodied the imagined qualities of a romantic southern landscape