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various substances - Manufacture of plastic consumer goods 198 6. Miscellaneous other industries - Film production and development - Brush making and paintbrush making - Manufacture of spectacle frames - Manufacture of dentures - Manufacture of artificial limbs - Manufacture of buttons, zip

Tessa Farmer

spectacle. 12 Larkin demonstrates that the built environment is the material instantiation of ideological worlds, or the put-in-place reflection of particular desires, frameworks, and agendas. It provides both a foundation for the material and social possibilities of residents and also a network around

Charles Tripp

art in the natural landscape, ‘rather as the salafists do when they occupy a hill to create their prayer spectacle’. 36 Ben Cheikh’s reaction to the disparaging remarks made by a minister about contemporary art referred to the June 2012 events surrounding the exhibition of contemporary art

Mohammad Hedayati-Kakhki and Michael Bohlander

unusual punishment, not least because of the practical effects: often the executioner will have to strike more than once to effect decapi- tation. To avoid this, instruments such as the guillotine were invented centuries ago, which ensured that while the death sentence is carried out, the gruesome spectacle

Kressen Thyen

), developed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in conjunction with other national authorities and the World Bank. The practical significance of this strategy remains hotly debated in official circles, as some consider it a mere “ politique spectacle .” 67 The government also made a number of

José Ciro Martínez

. Notwithstanding the public spectacle, interactions with protestors were affable, even affectionate. The conversation that followed Samir’s remarks showed that their concern was not with the substance of his demands but with the logistics of the protest. Police officers explained that their job was to avoid

Mark Farha

configuration of alliances imaginable, the spectacle of the Christian and Muslim Right suddenly joining forces disclosed some of the vested interests lurking behind sectarianism in Lebanon. For, financially speaking, the Harāwī proposal posed a non-negligible threat to the revenues of the religious communities

Mariam Sheibani

Over the past few years, scholars of Islam have been debating the history of slavery in Islamic societies, instigated in part by the spectacle of Islamic State (IS or ISIS) soldiers reviving what they understand to be religiously-mandated practices of slavery. 1 Historians of Islamic societies