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Tatsuhiro Nakajima

senses in the rich variety of the spectacle presented to us by the living world and the universe, and, at the same time, it conceals itself behind appearances in its most essential, profound, and effective part. (p. 34) After that, to reveal the great secret of nature, along with various discourses and

Realizing Derealization

A Personal Case Study

Jim Kline

value and aesthetic form …. On the other hand, it can be a revelation whose heights and depths are beyond our fathoming, or a vision of beauty which we can never put into words. This disturbing spectacle of some tremendous process that in every way transcends our human feeling and understanding makes

Gary David Astrachan

numinous dramatic spectacle. In ancient Greece, the collective renewal and rejuvenation of the entire polis seen to be effected through the performance of tragedy, occurs via what Aristotle tells us in his Poetic s is the overarching and specific function of tragic drama: the production of a katharsis

Matthew Charles

of politics under fascism, a phenomena tied both to the emergence of the charismatic figure of the historical ‘genius’ (the individual who gives voice to the masses, using the technological means of the spectacle, and according to nostalgic notions of a lost cultural, linguistic, or racial

Terrie Waddell

creative partner/wife Catherine Martin. Each film opening, with the exception of Strictly Ballroom , has met with a chorus of criticism, rather than critique, from the mainstream press who struggle to appreciate his signature enthusiasm for spectacle, pastiche, homage, and overall mise-en-scène busyness

Donald Braxton

the hand of the maiden, Rama undergoes a test to prove his worth. Th e trial is to string the bow of Shiva which no man before him has been able to do. Rama is so supernaturally strong that he actually snaps the bow into two pieces. Sita has watched the spectacle from afar and is instantly smitten

Juraj Franek

seemed that human altruism, the cornerstone of morality, is not just explained, but explained away: What we commonly identify as altruistic behavior is only a slightly amusing spectacle of clueless individuals acting as directed by selfish genes, their miniature biological overlords. As William Hamilton

Robin McCoy Brooks

structures of knowledge (a post Kantian move). For Paul, and the early Christians, there was no gradual unfolding progress of universal history. Instead, we are held captive to the ever-present spectacle of the eschatological event, a phenomenon that replaces and exposes this lack of theoretical meta