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Inga Merkyte, Søren Albek and Klavs Randsborg

find situation meets direct analogies in modern-day Bénin. It is hardly appropriate to describe them as ethnographic as they are very much part of a living culture. Thus we encountered many observers that failed to notice the old age of the finds and the distance of a thousand years and thus voiced

Pamela R. Willoughby, Katie M. Biittner, Pastory M. Bushozi and Jennifer M. Miller

practice when we do not listen to the voices around us. Background Information Archaeology and the History of Tanzania East Africa contains a wealth of historical, archaeological, and heritage resources with Tanzania being recognized as an important center for archaeology and palaeoanthropology since the


Lucie Smolderen

spinners (aged from 60 to 95 years old) who kindly let researchers access their knowledge and memories of their past activities. Through these interviews the team was able to reconstruct what the hand-woven textile chain of production was like during the century before its disappearance. Giving a voice to

A.B. Babalola, Th. Rehren, A. Ige and S. McIntosh

Magna , Frankfurt a. M. , pp. 119 - 146 . Freestone , I.C. 2006 . An Indigenous Technology? A Commentary on Lankton et al. ‘Early Primary Glass Production in Southern Nigeria.’ Journal of African Archaeology 4 ( 1 ), 139 - 141 . Frobenius , L. 1968 (1913) . Voice of

Alfredo González-Ruibal and Álvaro Falquina

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