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Aslı Vatansever

we would not be a party to the state’s crimes against the Kurdish population, we unravelled a series of other interconnected crimes stretching from the unholy alliance between the state and university administrations in cracking down on critical voices to the shadowy or shifting mechanisms of the

Marcos Barclay and Paul Ostwald

affected by a situation of forced migration. Together, these voices testify to an extraordinary resilience and the tragedy of forgotten human potential. With time we have found that the nature of displacement varies greatly with place and time. Initially, we expected submissions primarily from Syria. But

‘We Too Have a Word to Say’

Enactment of the 1963 Collective Bargaining, Strike and Lockout Law in Turkey

Muzaffer Kaya

organizational weakness of unions meant that trade unions did not mobilized workers to demonstrate. With the 1961 Constitution, however, came a relatively free political atmosphere that encouraged different social groups to use demonstrations to voice their demands in the public sphere. Until the collective

Reem Doukmak

questions centres around the role of refugee discourse on refugee agency and engagement with research interventions. At the same time, refugees’ voices reveal the incongruity of what the reality of the Syrian crisis means for them in contrast to media and political representations. 2 Having left Syria and

Majid Daneshgar

a Birmingham Jail’ . In Gottlieb R.S. (ed.), Liberating Faith: Religious Voices for Justice, Peace, and Ecological Wisdom . Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers . Leube G. ( 2017 ), ‘ The Liberties of a Transmitter: Frantz Fanon According to Shariati’ . In