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Pauline Maillet

. The voice over explained that several passengers were brought to the airport police station and returned to their countries of origin. However, the report failed to mention the confinement of these young women, eluding the existence of both terminals’ holding cells and of zapi 3 entirely. In


Edited by Alessandro Triulzi and Robert McKenzie

Trapped inside lorries or huddled aboard unseaworthy boats, irregular African migrants make for troubling headlines in western media, fueling fever pitch fears of an impending "African exodus" to Europe. Despite the increasing, albeit sensational, attention irregular migration attracts on both sides of the Mediterranean, little is known about what shapes and influences the lives of these Africans before, during, and after their “migratory projects.” By privileging migrants' narratives and drawing on evidence-based field research from different disciplinary backgrounds, the volume demystifies and dislodges many common assumptions about the human ecology of irregular African migration to Europe, arguably one of the most widely debated, yet least understood, phenomenon of our time.