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David Freestone

The World Bank and Sustainable Development: Legal Essays collects works from the past ten years by David Freestone, former Deputy General Counsel and Senior Adviser at the World Bank. The essays offer a unique perspective founded on the author’s years of experience at the World Bank. They cover a wide-range of topics, including the Bank’s Sustainable Development and its Climate Change agendas as well as its project based Environmental and Social Safeguard policies, highlighting the evolution of the pioneering role of the Bank’s Inspection Panel. Other essays look at the establishment and subsequent evolution of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the design and implementation of the innovative Prototype Carbon Fund – now the basis of a $3 billion greenhouse gas reduction portfolio. Updated by current Bank Staff members, together these seven legal essays represent a seminal body of work from a uniquely qualified voice in international environmental law.

Beatriz Garcia, Mandy Meng Fang and Jolene Lin

. 48 Although some developed countries, such as those in the European Union and the United States, have voiced their concerns and disagreement with China’s move, 49 it is time for them to invest in efficient and sustainable management of waste. Finally, the plastic waste-recycling sector in China has

Evan Hamman

-state actors in regulatory activities such as monitoring and restoration is discussed below. On the way in which a legal framework in China can ‘legitimise’ public participation in China, see Wanxin LI, Jieyan LIU and Duoduo LI, ‘Getting Their Voices Heard: Three Cases of Public Participation in Environmental

Matthew Baird and Brendon Thomas

the Ministry of Environment (MoE) to draft a new Environmental Impact Assessment Law ( eia Law). 1 The aim of this drafting process was to promote a participatory and transparent approach in which all concerned stakeholders could voice their opinions. During the process of consultation, two national

Tracy Humby

informative assessment of the rules and practices that govern civil society participation in international treaty and policy making, and the factors that have led to Northern voices dominating even in this sphere. Much of the force of the arguments in the book depends on the meaning assigned to the ‘global

Benoit Mayer

international environmental law should be interested in its (geo)political dimensions and will find plenty of food for thought in this volume. 1 For instance, Rowena Maguire and Xiaoyi Jiang, “Emerging Powerful Southern Voices: Role of basic Nations in Shaping Climate Change Mitigation Commitments

Nigel Moore, Hajar Benmazhar, Kerryn Brent, Haomiao Du, Viliamu Iese, Salif Kone, Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, Vivian Scott, Jordan Smith, Anita Talberg, Michael Thompson and Zhihong Zhuo

voices into the climate-engineering conversation to ground it in a wider context. 2.4 The climate-engineering conversation can become a model for other fields There is reason to believe that the climate-engineering conversation can be responsibly taken forward. While often depicted as highly

Parvez Hassan

international society has become, for the first time in history, a true world society’. 10 He observed that the United Nations is ‘where they can make their voices heard and where they have some scope for concerted action, enhances their power and helps them in pursuing their purposes’ and that the General

Elizabeth Dooley

.g. economically or socially disadvantaged groups. If these special populations are not taken into consideration when designing the forest-tenure reform, such as by ensuring that women have a voice in decisions on forest management, they are likely to see fewer benefits than wealthier households. Part iii

Jolene Lin

likely to be on climate adaptation, not mitigation, because maladaptation raises the sort of issues that fit squarely within the environmental pil tradition in these jurisdictions: infringement of the constitutional right to life, enforcement of statutory rights and duties, and giving voice to