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Daniela Cammack

manifestation of equal respect in the form of equal political rights and freedoms found in democracy is surely one of its most attractive features. The idea that citizenship implies worthiness to participate in politics – not only by voicing one’s views, but by playing an equal role in decision-making processes

John P. McCormick

, security and nontyranny. 3 In any case, this essay is not meant to merely to flatter Ober or to herald the considerable merits of the book – much as that might be enjoyable. So let me voice some criticisms. As Ober correctly reminds us, liberalism, like democracy, is a contested concept. Surely, a credible

Matúš Porubjak

’s criticism of the poets and poetry (e.g. Ion, Republic Books 2, 3, and 10, and Laws Book 2 and 7), his citation of poetry provides an explicit element of analogy or wit, and that he uses poetry’s dramatic voices to shape his own logoi . 47 The third one is that the Platonic Socrates – especially of the

Emily Katz

account can be given of the subordinate mathematical sciences, e.g. optics and harmonics. These study certain sensibles: optics studies sights (visible phenomena) and harmonics studies voice or sound. 14 But they do not study them as sensibles, but rather only as lines and numbers. And lines and

Paul A. Roth

the same misconceived strategy, viz., “to bring ‘the real’ back to a discussion from which it has purportedly been absent for too long; to give voice to reality ‘again’” (p. xv). Pihlainen’s chief concern is this: there persists the belief that “the constructivist debate has been ‘only’ about language

Bonnie Sheehey

cases of positive conversion, where one undergoes a redemptive transformation from a prior state of spiritual despair, James also gives voice to counter-conversions whereby a subject experiences a melancholic revolution from a prior state of faith. 40 Such counter-conversions are significant because

Benjamin Straumann

another voice,” either of our former selves or others. As Boghossian points out, many mistakes we make are systematic and (“Rule-Following,” 37) “are bound to be duplicated at the level of the community,” or, we might add, at the level of the later self. The required check may not be that of “another

Yael Gazit

bear to the concepts at hand – they attribute them meaning and content. This process gives life to latter-day philosophers’ work, and not to the philosophers of the past, which can, therefore, result in, at best, a conversation between one and one’s own voice, and not a dialogue as Pippin (and Brandom

Alison M. Downham Moore

(London: Routledge, 1998); Joan Cadden, Meanings of Sex Difference in the Middle Ages: Medicine, Science and Culture (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995); Elizabeth D. Harvey, Ventriloquized Voices: Feminist Theory and Renaissance Texts , (London: Routledge, 1992); Fay Bound Alberti, This

Thomas Uebel

-laden’.” (2013a, 29) 43 This last comment is worthy an exegesis in its own right, but not here. Danto also provided several descriptions of APH ’s relation to Hempel that do not, however, speak with one voice; cf. (1985, xii), (1995, 71), (2007a, 226–227), (2013a, 16), (2013b, 112). 44 See Danto (1973b/1985b