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Vox Theologiae

Boldness and Humility in Public Theological Speech

James Eglinton

under the term vox theologiae (the voice of theology); although my attempt to do so will draw primarily on sources that reflect my location within a particular Christian theological tradition, I do not attempt to limit this discussion to that particular tradition. Rather, I will move towards an

Cameron West

undertaking. The categorical achievement of The Church for the World is to demonstrate how practical theology can be comprehensively theological and still adequately attend to the practices of concrete Christian communities. Recent critiques of practical theology as a discipline have voiced concerns regarding

Muthuraj Swamy

close attention to the lived and embodied practice and theology of the Church a deeply interesting and engaging number of ‘voices’ appear. These voices are rich and suggestive but often they are also very often contradictory. They emerge from a world where what is said and what is done might not always

Elizabeth Jordan

contextual, or the view of the most powerful voices in society, has resulted in suspicion of the meta-narratives that have dominated Western world views. The most obvious of these meta-narratives is the confidence that an individual mind can accurately know the reality of the world. This confidence is now

Joyce Ann Mercer

!’ cried one speaker that evening. ‘Your presence here is an abomination! You are abominable!’ stated another in a loud, heated, pressured voice. In the end, Father Craig sat speechless, publically humiliated, and eviscerated by these words and emotions, while the members of the vestry and parish

Gerardo Marti

distinctly sociological concerns, these suggestions compliment and expand on approaches like that found in Schreiter’s, marvelous book, Constructing Local Theologies . The developers of the “Theology in Four Voices” model share my fundamental goals (see Cameron et al., Talking about God in Practice

John A. Williams

understanding by having an active community approach that empowers all to have a voice, to help make decisions, and also a fluid community that people are free to leave or join. I … have a role to advise decisions and to raise theological and other considerations. But it is the group that makes decisions. 44

Christopher Craig Brittain

’s suggestion that the formal concept of ‘dialogue’ equates to personal relationships between people of different religions is also challenged by some minority voices arguing the contrary. Tariq Ramadan, for example, argues that ‘Dialogue is not enough. In Western countries, it is urgent that we commit

Jason S. Sexton

definition of religion qua theology is found in the fourfold rubric Helen Cameron provides as a method of nuancing various voices at play in any given theology. She identifies these as theology (or religion) that is “operant,” or what people actually do; “espoused,” or what they say they do; “normative

Andrew Village and Judith A. Muskett

theological and managerial distinctions they felt it necessary to make’. 21 An ‘extra pair of purple gloves to help when the bishop was away’ was a bygone description of the suffragan role voiced by one interviewee. 22 Another had overheard a diocesan say to his suffragan: ‘When I’m not in the