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China and Protestant Missions
Church histories & biographies

Books, periodicals, almanacs, Christian literature, catechisms, apologetics, hymn books, prayer books, biographies, and dictionaries relating to Protestant missionary work in China and covering such subjects as the history of the Christian Church as well as Western history, geography, science, and technology in general. Collection contains mostly 19th-century books in Chinese, authored and published by Protestant missions in China.

This collection is also included in the China and Protestant Missions collection.
Editor-in-Chief: Peggy Brock
Series Editors: James Grayson and David Maxwell
The Online Collection of the book series Studies in Christian Mission. The series publishes monographs and edited volumes about the entire history of mission from the 16th century onwards. It covers all Christian denominations such as Roman Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox and Evangelical/Pentecostal missionary work.

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The Social Lives and Networks of Minnan Protestants, 1840s-1920s
Author: Chris White
In Sacred Webs, historian Chris White demonstrates how Chinese Protestants in Minnan, or the southern half of Fujian Province, fractured social ties and constructed and utilized new networks through churches, which served as nodes linking individuals into larger Protestant communities. Through analyzing missionary archives, local church reports, and available Chinese records, Sacred Webs depicts Christianity as a Chinese religion and Minnan Protestants as laying claim to both a Christian faith and a Chinese cultural heritage.

. Fabro was “so moved” by this sword that he decided to dedicate himself to missionary work. Fabro went on to serve twenty-seven years in China, all the while severely disciplining himself. This priest restricted his food intake and dressed in such inadequate clothing that he had to endure cold that made

In: Brill Research Perspectives in Jesuit Studies
In: Sacred Webs

There were only four Polish Jesuit missionaries 1 preaching the word of God in China in the seventeenth and the eighteenth century. Despite their small number, Polish priests left their mark on the history of the religious, scientific, and even political relations between Europe and Asia. Each

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies
In: Sacred Webs
Author: Paul Rule

Studies in Christian Mission, volume 50. Leiden: Brill, 2017. Pp. xvi + 300. Hb, $147. From the editor’s introduction it appears that this volume arose out of an academic meeting and it bears the marks of its origin in its diversity. The contributions are mainly on “China’s Christianity” (a nice

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies
Author: Eugenio Menegon

San Francisco: Asian Art Museum, 2016. Pp. 64. Pb, $ 19.95. This slim and elegant exhibition catalogue was the companion to an exhibition (March 4–May 8, 2016) at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, entitled “China at the Center: Rare Ricci and Verbiest World Maps.” The exhibition displayed two

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies
Author: David Porter

Oakland: University of California Press, 2016. Pp. 206. Hb, $49.95. The story of the Jesuits in China is well known and often told. The warm reception accorded several new biographies of Matteo Ricci marking the four-hundredth anniversary of his death in 1610 reminds us of the continuing salience

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies