In: Daphnis
In: Daphnis
Author: Heliskoski

/98 Parfums Christian Dior SA v. Tuk Consultancy BV and C-392/98 Assco Gerüste GmbH and R. van Dijk v. Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co KG and Layher BV . The conclusions of Advocate General Cosmas were published on 11 July 2000. 10 See supra note 5. The same applies to Case 87/75 Bresciani v. Amministrazione

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The Singer and the Scribe brings together studies of the European ballad from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century by major authorities in the field and is of interest to students of European literature, popular traditions and folksong. It offers an original view of the development of the ballad by focusing on the interplay and interdependence of written and oral transmission, including studies of modern singers and their repertoires and of the role of the audience in generating a literary product which continues to live in performance. While using specific case studies the contributors systematically extend their reflections on the ballad as song and as poetry to draw broader conclusions. Covering the Hispanic world, including the Sephardic tradition, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Greece, Russia, England and Scotland the essays also demonstrate the interconnections of a European tradition beyond national boundaries.
Editor: Francis Gentry
This volume is a guide to medieval German literature from its beginnings in the eighth century to the fourteenth century. It will escort the motivated student and colleague with interest in the European Middle Ages but no expertise in older German languages. The chapter authors, all internationally-known scholars, were given the freedom to arrange their chapters as they felt most appropriate, including the question of the terminus ad quem. Chapters deal either with a chronological period, e.g. 13th century, or with specific genres, eg. drama. In addition, chapters both on the historical epoch and on the development of the German language in the medieval period have been included. In general, historical and cultural topics play an important role in each chapter.

National Trade Marks Rules In the Assco Gerüste GmbH and R. van Dijk v. Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Vo KG and Layher BV , Advocate General Cosmas took the view that the judgment in Hermès was based on the close connection between the rules of the EC trademark and the national trademarks, which therefore could

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. ( Stuttgart : Hirzel , 2015 ), 25 – 45 . Schmidt , Peter . Gedruckte Bilder in handgeschriebenen Büchern. Zum Gebrauch von Druckgraphik im 15. Jahrhundert ( Köln u.a. : Böhlau , 2003 ). Scholz Williams , Gerhild , William Layher , Hrsg. Consuming News

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. 45, 156–157, 176, 196–197, 224, 294. 10 Silvia Serena Tschopp, ‘Wie aus Nachrichten Geschichte wird: Die Bedeutung publizistischer Quellen für die Augsburger Chronik des Georg Kölderer’, in Gerhild Scholz Williams and William Layher (eds.), Consuming News: Newspapers and Print Culture in Early

In: Early Modern Media and the News in Europe
Author: Andreas Kraß

von Straßburg und im Buch der Natur Konrads von Megenberg “. In: Bennewitz, Ingrid / Layher, William (Hrsg.): der âventiuren dôn. Klang, Hören und Hörgemeinschaften in der deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters (= Imagines Medii Aevi, 31 ). Wiesbaden : Reichert , 32 - 43 . Kraß

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Early Modern Europe , ed. Brendan Dooley (Farnham, 2010); Consuming News: Newspapers and Print Culture in Early Modern Europe (1500-1800) , ed. Gerhild Scholz Williams and William Layher (Amsterdam, 2008). The levels of interdependency of textual aspects and wider media transmission of early modern

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