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)71 5317532. SWB 2,2_colophon.indd II SWB 2,2_colophon.indd II 6/22/07 8:54:40 AM 6/22/07 8:54:40 AM Knowledge as a Global Public Good: Th e Role and Importance of Open Access Gert Verschraegen and Michael Schiltz Research Foundation Flanders and University of Leuven, Belgium Received 20 August 2006

In: Societies Without Borders
Author: Tsang Wing Ma

中國書籍、紙墨及印刷史論文集 (Shatian: Zhongwen daxue chubanshe, 1992), 43-56.
 104   The Liye materials contain two other phrases of similar structure. Scholars commonly refer to them as mou fa 某發 (so-and-so opened) and mou ban 某半 (so-and-so split [into two pieces]). The same as X shou , they are also composed

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