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Dmitry Poldnikov

and even more extensive doctrinal literature. Most of the specific examples were taken from general contract law because this section seems to benefit the most from the comparative approach to foreign legal experience. As the study focuses primarily on comparative legislation, its main sources are the

Lewald, Hans

author studies the issue of the determination of the law of succession, gives an overview of comparative legislation, and then presents the positive conflict and the negative conflict. The author also focuses on the issues of public order, the right of levy as a disruptive element, the conditions

H. Alexandrowicz, Charles

Research Professor of International and Constitutional Law at the University of Madras. Editor of the Indian Year Book of International Affairs. Member of the Society of Comparative Legislation. Member of the Council of the International Association of Legal Science. Between 1954 and 1960 lectured at

Fareya Azfar

Commercial code concept of impracticability. 3 René David, ‘Frustration of Contract in French Law’, Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law , Third Series, (28)(3/4) (1946),11-14. 4 Kel Kim Corp. v. Cent. Mkts, Inc. , 519 N.E.2d 295, 296 (N.Y. 1987); see Bende & Sons, Inc. v. Crown

Law. Society of Comparative Legislation, London, 1937. GIORGIO DEL VECCHIO, Individual, State and Corporation. Academy of Political Science, New York, 1935. GIORGIO DEL VECCHIO, The "Homo Juridicus" and the Inadequacy of Laws as a Norm of Life. H. H. PFLÜGER, Zur Lehre vom Erwerbe des Eigentums nach

Ownership Paradigms in American Civil Law Jurisdictions

Manifestations of the Shifts in the Legislation of Louisiana, Chile, and Argentina (16th-20th Centuries)


Agustín Parise

In Ownership Paradigms in American Civil Law Jurisdictions Agustín Parise assists in identifying the transformations experienced in the legislation dealing with ownership in the Americas, thereby showing that current understandings are not uncontested dogmas.
This book is the result of research undertaken on both sides of the Atlantic, and covers the 16th to 20th centuries. Agustín Parise offers readers a journey across time and space, by studying three American civil law jurisdictions in three successive time periods. His book first highlights the added value that comparative legal historical studies may bring to Europe and the Americas. It then addresses, in chronological order, the three ownership paradigms (i.e., Allocation, Liberal, and Social Function) that he claims have developed in the Americas.

F. De Zulueta

?)i the Greek Cit-y. x pp. Oxford, 1922. 21 shillings. Reviews: F. E. A., Cambridge Law Journal 1923, 388. Miss Copp, Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation 1923, 154. E. R. Bevan, History, Oct. 1923. Although the author has deliberately avoided Roman law in this book, its connexion with

because of continued extensive application of the Lei da Boa Razão, which has “encouraged judges and lawyers to look to common sense, custom, comparative legislation and the spirit of the law as the basis for decision—.”K.S. Rosenn, “Brazil’s legal culture: the jeito revisited.” 1 Florida journal of

Marina Romano

Costituzione. Per i poteri conferiti al sovrano dalla Costituzione del 1923 si veda anche Bentwich, N. “The Constitution of Egypt”. Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law . 6, 1 ( 1924 ), p. 43


Vincent Genin

Françoise Monéger (eds.), Un siècle d’étude du droit international (Paris: Lexisnexis, 2006), 3–7; Louis Renault and Thomas Erskine Holland, ‘Maître Édouard Clunet’ , Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation, New Series 16 (1916), 97–101. 30 Jean-Jacques Clère, ‘Félix de Parieu’, in Patrick