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Voß, Wulf Eckart (Osnabrück)

unjust decision drew censorial reproof (Cic. Rep. 4,6). 2. c. magistratuum: the senior magistrature would summon a consilium to advise them on judicial and administrative matters. The fact that a decision...

Diplomacy and Advocacy

The case of the King of Denmark v. Dutch Skippers before the Danzig City Council (1564–1567)

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz and Alain Wijffels

argumentation was further elaborated in a legal consultation ( consilium ) on behalf of the skippers, the ship owners and merchants, and approved by several members of the law faculties in Louvain. These two sources, viz. the case-file from the State Archives in Gdańsk, and the consilium found in the

Voß, Wulf Eckart (Osnabrück)


11 THE SO-CALLED CONSILIUM OF THE PRAETOR THE SO-CALLED CONSILIUM OF THE PRAETOR AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF ROMAN LAW by O LGA E. T ELLEGEN -C OUPERUS (Tilburg) I. – Introduction According to modern experts in Roman law, in the late Republic, the devel- opment of civil law was in the hands of the

Claude Gilliot

de Provence, dans le cadre de la Formation doctorale : « Mondes africain, arabe et turc », Séminaire d’études arabes : « Le genre du “conseil” ( na ßì˙ a, wa ß iyya , etc.) dans la littérature arabo-musulmane ». 2 V. infra , § 7. IN CONSILIUM TUUM DEDUCES ME * : LE GENRE DU « CONSEIL », NA ÍÌÓ A, WA

Maimonides, On the Elucidation of Some Symptoms and the Response to Them (Formerly Known as On the Causes of Symptoms)

A New Parallel Arabic-English Edition and Translation, with Critical Editions of the Medieval Hebrew Translations


Gerrit Bos

The present consilium, commonly known as De causis accidentium, after the Latin translation by John de Capua, was, like the earlier consilium On the Regimen of Health, composed by Maimonides at the request of al-Malik al-Afḍal Nūr al-Dīn Alī, Saladin’s eldest son. As a result of not adopting the lifestyle and dietary recommendations in On the Regimen of Health, al-Afḍal may have continued to suffer from a number of afflictions, amongst them hemorrhoids, depression, constipation, and, possibly, a heart condition. The consilium was written after 1200, the year in which al-Afḍal was deposed and banished from Egypt permanently, but probably not long before 1204, the year in which Maimonides died.

Busbecq, Ogier Ghislain de,1522-1592. and Busbecq, Ogier Ghislain de,1522-1592.De acie contra Turcam instruenda consilium.