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.), The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew 2 (She Y eld, 1995), p. 245. 3 Clines (1995), p. 246. : BRIBE, EXTORTION OR PROFIT? by P.J. HARLAND Cambridge The root occurs 39 times in the Old Testament. The verbal form of the root is found ten times in the qal, six in the piel, and the remaining occurrences are

John Meloy

THE PRIVATIZATION OF PROTECTION: EXTORTION AND THE STATE IN THE CIRCASSIAN MAMLUK PERIOD BY JOHN L. MELOY* Abstract This article examines privatized forms of protection ( Ωim®yah ), and especially extortion, dur- ing the Circassian Mamluk period as reported in contemporary chronicles and a

Lewis W. Brandt

195 REWARD AND PUNISHMENT OR BRIBE AND EXTORTION?1 Lewis W. Brandt University of Regina (Canada) It seems to be an implicit methodological rule of certain schools of psychology to change the meanings of important words in the course of research. Wolfgang Metzger, a student of Max Wertheimer and

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Extortion and Bribery in International Business Transactions, adopted by the 83rd Session of the Executive Board of the International Chamber of Commerce, 26 March 1996 Status information appears at end of document   In 1977, the ICC issued a Report on Extortion

J. Monballyu


Banditism in the French period in the department of the Lys, 1796-1813