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incomplete without the notion of diversity. Diversity is not only accepted, but also expected. The notion of being Mauritian cannot be conceptualised without the notion of diversity. How do young women in a context of accepted diversity and endorsement of a strong ethnic identity start, accept and maintain

In: Asian Journal of Social Science

, young women in particular are able to escape much of the social control that exists in the physical world. However, conservative voices, such as the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood and some well-known shaykhs, have condemned women’s presence in virtual forums because of the risk of fitna

In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
Author: Annisa R. Beta

methods. I then explain the figure of the daʾwa activist in Indonesia’s political history, followed by a discussion on the Muslimah intimate public and an analysis of young women’s daʾwa activism. 2 Daʾwa Activists on Instagram Nisa (2018) discusses the recent phenomenon of young Muslim

In: Asiascape: Digital Asia
Author: Juliet Gilbert

Introduction ‘Make a date with me by 6pm tmrw in Church for Sisters’ Talk & get the understanding you need to transition. Pastor Ose.’ In tune with Pentecostalism’s propensity for clever marketing, this text message was the final reminder for single young women to attend The Brook Church

In: Journal of Religion in Africa
Author: Shirin Zubair

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2005 HAWWA 3, 2 Also available online – 1 For a detailed analysis of the power and prestige of English in Pakistan see Rehman (2002) Language Ideology and Power . “JUST A TIME - PASS”: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/DENIAL (?) OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN YOUNG WOMEN’S

In: Hawwa
Author: Juliette Koning

The Impossible Return? The Post-Migration Narratives of Young Women in Rural Java J  K  Department of Culture, Organization and Management Free University Amsterdam In this article, I discuss how young women in a Javanese village try to incorporate the impact of their experiences as

In: Asian Journal of Social Science

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) is a global alliance of national associations working on behalf of women. According to its purpose statement, the World YWCA “unites national associations in a worldwide women’s volunteer membership movement. Inspired by the Christian faith, the

In: The Encyclopedia of Christianity Online
Author: Emma Tseris

This chapter explores the social construction of traumatised adolescent girls within mental health services. Mental health research indicates that abuse in adolescence is related to a range of psychiatric problems, including self-harming behaviours and emotional dysregulation. Yet, rather than resulting in a sensitising lens for practitioners to use in a flexible way, this knowledge often leads to a deterministic paradigm, in which young women are viewed as powerless victims, who will experience enduring symptoms. The focus on psychiatric symptoms ignores the socio-political issue of gender inequality that actually produces the problem of abuse against young women. Questioning the ethics of diagnostic classification, I put forward the notion of a politics of indeterminability. I draw on qualitative data from research interviews conducted with women who have experienced trauma and social workers situated in adolescent mental health contexts, adopting a poststructural feminist lens to guide my analysis.

In: Beyond these Walls: Confronting Madness in Society, Literature and Art

There has been a long debate about the effectiveness of single-sex education. Moreover the question has arisen as to whether young women are still interested in such courses.

This debate is very important, since it appears that female students can perform better in single-sex educational programs (Beraud, 2003). The lack of qualified staff in engineering disciplines for demographic reasons is a real challenge for facing governments and industries in European countries. There is a high risk that innovation will decrease as innovation depends on highly-qualified engineers. In technical and natural science disciplines, in which women are extremely under-represented, singlesex education can be a reform vehicle for modernization (Metz-Göckel, 2005). Interdisciplinary, single-sex education and innovative teaching methods can attract more women into engineering courses (Patko et al., 2009).

This paper presents an overview of single sex educative programmes for women in computer science and technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and cognate disciplines over the space of ten years. One important part of these programmes is the single sex educative concept of the “informatica feminale Baden- Württemberg” and “meccanica feminale” summer schools. The summer schools consist of a range of parallel lectures in ET (engineering and technology) with additional courses in soft skills and networking opportunities and study information programmes for female pupils.

In: GIEE 2011: Gender and Interdisciplinary Education for Engineers
Author: Laurel Hart

needing to appease funding agencies to stay afloat. At the same time, the non-neutral nature of online technologies and sites raises questions about the ways in which we can incorporate the beneficial characteristics of networked technologies while negating their potential harm to young women’s

In: Disrupting Shameful Legacies