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Victor D. Boantza and Leslie Tomory

and contemporary sources, and although largely unpublished, his work circulated in Britain, influencing other pneumatic chemists, including Henry Cavendish. 2 
 Here we explore one of the threads that contributed to Brownrigg’s broader claims about the nature of airs: the analysis of mineral waters


hidden in such waters. As a matter of fact it contributed to arrange more functional exploitation methods of water sources in the first half of the nineteenth century, to boost industrial production of artificial mineral waters and to find out all possible medical applications of the recently discovered


Michael Bycroft

– by Boyle and the French chemists Samuel Duclos and Claude Bourdelin – had a great deal in common, starting with their shared interest in the chemical analysis of mineral waters. Section 3 extends the contrast into the eighteenth century by examining experiments on minerals on either side of the

Regulation of Whaling), CCAMLR (Convention on the Conservation of Marine Living Resources), and others involving diverse management issues such as a responsible code for high seas fisheries, exploration and production of offshore energy resources, seabed minerals, waters adjacent to Antarctica and the like

: #Iberian Science 273–276
 José Ramón Marcaida
 Volume 21, No. 4
 Reading Cosmographia : Peter Apian’s Book-Instrument Hybrid and the Rise of the Mathematical Amateur in the Sixteenth Century 277–302
 Margaret Gaida
 The “Subtile Aereal Spirit of Fountains”: Mineral Waters and the History of

Christiane Triie

a tradition of selling certain drinks in reusable glass bottles, such as mineral waters, beer and car- bonated soft drinks (Coca-Cola and the like). The return of these bottles has been encouraged by charging a deposit, which is reimbursed upon the bottle's return. This is facilitated by the use of

Ioanna Mantouvalou, Oliver Hahn, Timo Wolff, Birgit Kanngießer and Wolfgang Malzer

. Halicz, B. Spiro, and D. Efron, The Sources of Mineral Waters along the Western Dead Sea Coast (Report submitted to the Ministry of Science, Jerusalem, 1998). di ff erentiate between the two cases, as we will show in a separate publication. The situation is dramatically di ff erent with respect to

Oliver Hahn, Gisela Weinberg, Ira Rabin, Timo Wolff and Admir Masic

Tora. Ed. ha-Mekoroth, Jerusalem, 1955: 66. 22. R. Reed, Ancient Skins, Parchments and Leathers . New York: Seminar Press, 1972. 23. Y. Yechieli, I. Gavrieli, L. Halicz, D. Efron, Survey of Mineral Waters along the Western Dead Sea Coast . Isr. Geol. Surv. Rep GSI/32/96 [Hebrew]. 24. A. Burg, Y

J.H. Croon

of Aristides on the waters of Pergamum 1) . The con- nection with springs is also mentioned several times by Pausa- nias 2). But the healthfulness of the places where Asklepieia were situated is contradicted by modern investigators 3). There is no real evidence of cures by the mineral waters in these

Michael Hunter and Peter Anstey

ongoing na - ture of the assembling of natural histories continues through to his later histories of Human Blood (1684) and Mineral Waters (1685) and the posthumous General History of the Air (1692). 30 Likewise, in the “Proëmial Essay” of Certain Physiological Essays (1661) this distinction is a