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Author: Karl Gerth

mobility, “hatred of the rich” During the Maoist era (1949–1976) and first decade of the Reform Era in China, political power certainly had its advantages but these advantages were modest. Since the shift to a market economy, however, this has changed radically. Now officials can directly – or indirectly

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). This campaign advocated outright murder of “class enemies,” but the targets of the annihilation campaign were “landlords and their agents, rich peasants, money-lenders, and police informants” (Ibid.). This tactic was basically an expression of hatred of the rich, regardless of their standing in the

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of a fixed abode, and the heavy financial burden from a house mortgage have severely affected their quality of life and their social mentality. Anxiety, weariness, hatred of the rich, and cynicism have distressed some the young people in large cities. Beijing, as one of the megacities with the most

In: Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, Volume 4

Christianity that ‘the class hatred of the modern proletariat has almost never reached the fanatical form of that of the Christian’. Especially in the Gospel of Luke Kautsky saw ‘a fierce class hatred of the rich’. This emerges particularly from the Lazarus parable: The rich man goes to hell and the poor

In: Nietzsche, the Aristocratic Rebel

persecutions of non-Christians as we shall see. As Erich Fromm pointed out long ago: "their complete hatred of the rich, the learned and the powerful ... the hatred of the tax collectors runs like a red thread through the gospels" (1976: 39). Hatred of the rich is plainly evident in the Epistle of James. It is

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, the overall pressure of public opinion in various events did not change much and the ranking involving the pressure of public opinion remained unchanged (Table 13.2). Such social contradictions as the poor relationship between officials and the people, wealth gap, hatred of the rich, doctor

In: Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, Volume 5
Author: Jake Lin

across the developed world, such as Germany, Japan, the US, and many other countries. Reading this book is like taking an MBA course. It is a very useful read for me if I want to go into business myself.” In contrast, there was a growing sentiment of hatred of the rich among activists. One activist

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him as overly ambitious and unduly prone to violence (1.4–5). 13 Like Tiberius, he is not prepared to support or condone violence; like him, he is overridden by popular pressure, and by the mounting hatred of the rich, which the events of 133, notably the treatment of Tiberius’ body, have only

In: The Historiography of Late Republican Civil War
Author: Erich Fromm

Pharisees and the tax collectors runs like a red thread through the gospels, with the result that for almost two thousand years, opinion of the Pharisees throughout Christendom has been determined by thus hatred. We hear thus hatred of the rich again in the Epistle of James, in the middle of the second

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