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Jana Bovet

interactive policy-making, policy analysis, policy evaluation, and science-policy interactions. Andrea Keessen is assistant professor at the Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law at the Utrecht University and a member of the research school Ius Commune. She currently participates in the research

School of Wuhan University, China. Marleen von Rijswick is also research leader of the Ius Commune Research School “Transboundary Environmental Law”. Her research focus is on legal mono-disciplinary as well as multidisciplinary and empirical research in the field of water, natural resources, climate and

current research interests cover the historical aspects of legal responsibility and the methodological problems of legal comparison. At present, he is engaged in a comparative analysis of the good morals clause from the time of the classical Roman law through the ius commune and the Pandectist period

Rodolfo Sacco

diffusion of other, more contemporary legal systems based upon Roman law - nineteenth century ge- meines Recht - ius commune - (with the general theory of juristic acts, the actio doli generalis, and the general action for unjust enrichment) or, indeed, the codified law emerging from the liberal revolutions

Bernard Rudden

within the Soviet legal system. In three ways it is that system's ius commune. Firstly, the fifteen Re- publican codes differ only in trifles. Secon??ly, it is in the civil code that one finds the fundamental legal concepts: legal personality, the juridical act, own- ership, obligation, the great

Murray Raff and Anna Taitslin

the medieval ius commune , to the modern Enlightenment concept of unitary ownership and experimentation with it in the Soviet era, and finally, its incomplete transition in the present. The article contrasts this history of Russian law with the emergence from feudal legal relations in three other

Tatiana Borisova

natural law and its universalism of the rights of citizens and disdain for traditions and national borders Teich (eds.), Romanticism in National Context (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1988), 109-133. 46 Alan Watson, Legal Transplants and European Private Law / Ius Commune Lectures on European

Elena Ioriatti Ferrari and Rilka Dragneva

Credit; Dir.1999/93 and 1999/99 on Electronic Signature; 85/374 and Dir.99/34 on Product Liability; Dir.97/7 on Distance Contracts; Dir.90/314 on Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours. 65 H.W. Micklitz, “ Prospettive di un diritto privato europeo: ius commune praeter legem ?”, in G. Alpa, E

Stephan G. Hinghofer-Szalkay

reinforcing. 1 This is also related to the religious, political and legal ties in Europe at the time, which however reached its peak in other areas of law in the Gestalt of the ius commune . For this context and its unfamiliar patterns for scholars familiar with today’s European legal area

Roel Meeus

law enforcement of environmental violations, see for instance M.A. Heldeweg, R.j C.H. Seerden & KR. Deketelaere, Public environmental law in Europe; a comparative search for a ius commune, EELR 2004 (3), pp. 78, 86-88. 138 RoelMeeus / jEEPL 7.2 (20IO) I35-I62 is also a task of the Member States