) and rejection rates in the UG. Our results suggest that biological features influence behaviour both directly and through their relation with the type of social preferences that individuals hold. Keywords testosterone, ultimatum game, fluctuating asymmetry, facial masculinity, 2D:4D, social pref

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20 JHS no. LL. -6 no. no. JHS Miller, Apollo Lairbenos Ramsay, CB no. no. R.-Ş.-Y. D4 D2 D2 D2 D4, D4 D20 καταγραφαί: IGR IVR.-Ş.-Y.MAMA IVR.-Ş.-Y.758K7276 A(III)K4276 ΒΚ 5MAMA IV276 CK6275 B(I)K1277 A(II)K7275 Β(II)K2277 ΒK8276 A(II)K3SEG 45R.-Ş.-Y.Miller, Apollo L.R.-Ş.-Y.1749 (A)K2558K8JHS 8 (1887

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H). Amphidial apertures located behind posterior end of buccal cavity (Figs 1B; 2D; 4D). Deirids located within lateral Ž eld at level of centre of terminal bulb (Figs 2A, C; 4A, B, C). Buccal cavity slightly longer than broad. Cheilostom complex, comprising a collar-like cuticularisation (coll

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laterally ( Fig. 12D ). Notauli always impressed anteriorly ( Figs. 2D, 4D, 6D, 8C, 10D, 12C & D, 14C & D, 16C & D ). Scutellar sulcus indistinct or faintly crenulated ( Figs. 4D & F ). Scutellum smooth with a pair of subrectangular or large round pits medio-posteriorly separated by 0.50–1.00× diameter of

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digit ratio (2D:4D)? . — Acta. Ethol. 21 : 137 - 140 . Borráz-León , J.I. , Cerda-Molina , A.L. , Hernández-López , L. , Chavira-Ramirez , R. & de la O-Rodríguez , C. ( 2014 ). Steroid hormones and facial traits in the recognition of a potential rival in men . — Ethology 120

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degree of disorganization in the texture. From the four texture types within each experiment, six texture pairs (IC2) were obtained. In Experiment 1 the six pairs were, [D1-D2], [D1-D3], [D1-D4], [D2- D3], [D2-D4], [D3-D4] and in Experiment 2 [J1-J2], [J1-J3], [J1-J4], [J2-J3], [J2-J4] and [J3-J4]. For

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-171, 222, no. E:2. There are at least fi ve parallels to Sherd B, two inscribed for king Qaa, one for king Ba, and two where the royal name is lost, see ibid., 155-157, 220, nos. D:1, D:2, D:4, D:5, and D:7. 7 For these inscriptions see Roth, Egyptian Phyles , who notes (170) that the insti- tution s.wt-n Δ

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species with respect to colour, general shape and development of the rostral keels and sulci. Aspidiotes (Aspidiotes) larbii (Escalera, 1914), comb. n. (Figs Id, 2d, 4d, 6d, 9a, 10d, n, 11) Amomphus larbii Escalera, 1914: 439. Dpe material. - Described on a unspecified number of specimens from Mskala

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bulbous, with lateral basal lobes; distal 1/2 of distiphallus variable, with acuminate apex in leptiformis ( Fig. 3D ) , with simple truncate apex in triangularis ( Fig. 6E ), or with complicated lobes and branches in fuscipennis and nigripennis ( Figs 2D ; 4D ). Female similar to male other than

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, popularity, and attitude to school in Russian adolescents . — Aggr. Behav. 33 : 170 - 183 . Butovskaya M.L. Burkova V. Mabulla A. ( 2010 ). Sex differences in 2D: 4D ratio, aggression and conflict resolution in African children and adolescents: a cross-cultural study . — J. Aggr

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