Tov, Emanuel

Moshe Bernstein

Pentateuch; 4Q158; 4Q364; 4Q365; 4Q365a; 4Q366; 4Q367; excerpted texts; Samaritan Pentateuch * This paper was presented at “Reading Between the Lines: Scripture and Com- munity in the Dead Sea Scrolls. A Sym posium in Honor of James C. VanderKam,” University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind., 5–6 March, 2006

Lange, Armin

[German Version] Three manuscripts of the Temple Scroll have survived: 4QT (4Q524), 11QTa, b (11Q19 and 11Q20). The assignment of 11Q21 (11QTc) to the Temple Scroll is uncertain. Paleography and damage patterns link 4Q365a (4QT?) to the manuscript 4Q365 (4QRPc). The manuscript 11QTa, with remnants

Lange, Armin

[English Version] . I. Handschriften und Einfluß in Qumran. Von der T sind drei Handschriften erhalten: 4QT (4Q524), 11QT a.b (11Q19.20). Die Zuordnung von 11Q21 (11QT c) ist unsicher. Paläographie und Bruchstrukturen weisen 4Q365a (4QT?) der Hs. 4Q365 (4QRP c) zu. 11QT a ist mit Resten von 66

Molly M. Zahn

66045, U.S.A. Abstract This essay proposes a new understanding of the literary history of the Temple Scroll in light of its relationship with 4QReworked Pentateuch C (4Q365 + 365a). It begins from the argument that 4QRP C includes the five fragments labeled 4Q365a (4QTemple?), and that 4QRP

Sidnie White Crawford

wilderness narratives in the SP may be the work of one editor/scribe (176). There are a few points on which I disagree with Zahn’s decisions or would have liked to see her bring in other considerations. In her discussion of 4Q365, she includes the fragments of 4Q365a, basing her decision on the fact that

Ariel Feldman

White Crawford), Qimron suggests that 4Q365 and 4Q365a are one and the same scroll. While he initially included 4Q365a in his edition of the Temple Scroll in volume 1, his new edition of the rest of 4Q365 (without the fragments that parallel the Temple Scroll) now proposes that 4Q365 is in fact another


Molly M. Zahn

centrality of the temple in the system of thought that lies behind the Scroll. 17 It may come as somewhat of a surprise, therefore, that this most distinctive element of ts is partially attested in another document. One large fragment of 4Q365a preserves extensive parallels to 11Q19 columns 38 and 41; in

Shem Miller

discussed as well. S. White Crawford reopens the question regarding the identification and placement of 4Q365a 1–5 in “ 4QTemple? (4Q365a) Revisited.” She concludes that 4Q365 23 and 4Q365a 1–5 contain source material for the Temple Scroll (94). A. Lange identifies, lists and exposits every allusion to