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David Douglas Daniels, III

more than orality, early Pentecostal sound generated a way of knowing that challenged the orality-literacy binary, the hierarchy of senses that privileged sight, and the hierarchy of the races. Keywords Pentecostalism, soundscape, earwitness, soundways, worship, ambient sounds, acoustemology Prelude

Josef Sorett

), continues in this vein. In it he covers much ground, insightfully unpacking academic jargon (i.e. acoustemology, signification, pneumatology, etc) and surveying various historical and social developments, including the emergence of Pentecostalism in the U.S., Jamaican sound system culture, and Obeah

Paola von Wyss-Giacosa

recording of an encounter of French colonists and Jesuits with Armouchiquois people on the Kennebec river, using acoustic and anthropological methods, reveals momentous sonic conflicts rooted in the fundamentally different acoustemologies of Indigenous and Europeans. The focus of the second section in the


Michaela Ann Cameron

Fleet “like children at a picnic” in a “benign … phase of the imperial process.” 2 Far from benign music making, conflicting acoustemologies or different “sonic ways of being in and knowing the world” 3 were at the heart of what is frequently glossed over as the “cultural clash” of natives and


Daniela Hacke and Paul Musselwhite

Europeans and uncivilized Natives that was grounded on different acoustemologies and sensory frameworks. This cultural framing and appropriation of foreign sounds was part of a larger development, since, ultimately, the sensory perception of the English and Algonquian contemporaries that is lost to us as a

Veronica Strang

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Martin Radermacher

( 2013 ), 312 – 330 . Engelke Katharina , Zwischen Sakralität und Stille: Eine empirische Untersuchung zum Raum der Stille im Hildesheimer Klinikum ( Berlin : lit , 2013 ). Feld Steven , “ Waterfalls of Song. An Acoustemology of Place Resounding in Bosavi, Papua New

Franz Krause

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Rosalind I.J. Hackett

-Gren International Symposium . New York : Berg . Feld S. 1997 . “ Waterfalls of Song: An Acoustemology of Place Resounding in Bosavi, Papua New Guinea .” In S. Feld and K.H. Basso , eds. Senses of Place . Santa Fe : School of American Research Press , 90 – 135 . Frith S. 1986 . “ Art versus Technology: the

Yoshitaka Ota

Acoustemology of Place Resounding in Bosavi, Papua New Guinea” in S. Feld and K. Basso. Senses of Place. Santa Fe, New Mexico: School of American Research Press, pp. 91-136. Ferreira, C. 1987. Palauan cosmology: dominance in a traditional Micronesian society . Goteborg: Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis. Force