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In: Church History and Religious Culture
Editors: Shaul Shaked and Siam Bhayro
This series will bring together new publications which will include editions of unpublished magic texts in Jewish Aramaic, Mandaic and Syriac, with translations, commentaries and plates, from Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean region, as well as monographic studies of central topics in the fields of magic and religion in late antiquity and their repercussions in later epochs.

The series published an average of one volume per year since 2013.
Mnemosyne Supplements, History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity is a series of monographs and edited volumes devoted to studies in Ancient History and the archaeology of the Classical period.

History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity is published as a sub-series of the Mnemosyne Supplements bookseries.
Brill's Companions to Late Antiquity and Medieval Studies Online is an expanding e-book collection of specially commissioned research companions covering the Byzantine and medieval pe