Josiane Nascimento, Luciana Lourenço, Shirlei Recco-Pimentel, Gilda Andrade and Denise Rossa-Feres

Amphibia-Reptilia 27 (2006): 481-489 Chromosomal analysis of the leptodactylids Pleurodema diplolistris and Physalaemus nattereri (Amphibia, Anura) Luciana B. Lourenço 1 , Josiane A.A. Nascimento 1 , Gilda V. Andrade 2 , Denise C. Rossa-Feres 3 , Shirlei M. Recco-Pimentel 1 ,* Abstract. Detailed

William Cooper, Laurie Vitt and Janalee Caldwell

Escape responses of cryptic frogs (Anura: Brachycephalidae: Craugastor ) to simulated terrestrial and aerial predators William E. Cooper Jr. 1,3) , Janalee P. Caldwell 2) & Laurie J. Vitt 2) ( 1 Department of Biology, Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, USA; 2 Sam Noble

Leandro Alcalde

Amphibia-Reptilia 32 (2011): 270-275 On the anuran muscle pulmonum proprius Leandro Alcalde Abstract. The present contribution provides a systematic survey on the variation of the musculus pulmonum proprius within Anura. Evidence is contrary to previous works that presented the muscle as an

José Pombal Jr. and Ivan Nunes

Amphibia-Reptilia 31 (2010): 347-353 A new Scinax Wagler (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae) from the Atlantic Rain Forest remains of southern State of Bahia, North-eastern Brazil Ivan Nunes ∗ , José P. Pombal Jr. Abstract. A new species of Scinax from the lowlands of the Atlantic Rain Forest remains in

Ana Carolina Mello, Luciana Erdtmann, Pedro Simões and Albertina Lima

. Our results indi- cated that the evolutionary rates of call design and call perception are different, because the geographical variation in calls was not accompanied by variation in the males’ aggressive behaviour. Keywords : species recognition, contact zone, playback, Dendrobatoidea, Anura. 1

Rafael Márquez, Jaime Bosch and Xavier Eekhout

severely limited by calling location (male–female distance) and by transmission conditions. Keywords : Anura, acoustic communication, source level, playback setpoints, Alytes . Introduction In acoustical animals, selection for calling parameters related to male con- dition has been amply demonstrated both

Mac Given

= 13). In conclusion, male pickerel frogs will shift to underwater calling in response to a physical disturbance, but do not shift in response to the sounds of one heterospecific caller. Keywords : Anura, behavior, communication, Rana palustris , underwater vocalizations. Introduction Studies of

Enrique La Marca

A new species of collared frog (Anura: Dendrobatidae: Colostethus) from Serrania de Portuguesa, Andes of Estado Lara, Venezuela Enrique La Marca Area de Biogeografia, Escuela de Geografia, Facultad de Ciencias Forestales, Universidad de Los Andes. Apartado 116, Mérida 5101-A, Venezuela Abstract

Luís Felipe Toledo, Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues, Carlos Jared, Vanessa Kruth Verdade and Marta Maria Antoniazzi

poison from its parotoids. Keywords : Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae, defence, granular glands, poison glands. Amphibians commonly use toxic, cutaneous se- cretions produced by glands spread over the body as a defence against predators (Duellman and Trueb, 1994). In bufonids, these glands are grouped behind