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Gracia Liébanas, Pablo Castillo and Nicola Vovlas

southern Spain are also reported. Apart from the type host, M. baetica was found to infect two natural woody host plants, lentisc ( Pistacia lentiscus ) and Aristolochia baetica . Host- parasite relationships in these new hosts confirmed the typical susceptible reaction observed in wild and cultivated

Wim Wesemael, Nicole Viaene and Maurice Moens

, Switzerland M. duytsi* 1998 Beach grasses Coasts of western Europe M. ulmi* 2000 Elm Italy, The Netherlands*** M. baetica* 2003 Olive, lentisk, Aristolochia baetica Spain M. minor* 2004 Grasses, potato, wheat**, barley**, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, oat**, carrot**, tomato** United Kingdom M. dunensis