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disparities in the relative influence of the two associations on the actual integration processes. Keywords ASEAN, European Community, market integration, lobbying, ASEAN-CCI, European Round Table of Industrialists I. Introduction Regional economic integration has often been pursued as a response to a

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

, representatives of international organisations (ESCAP, IMO and SEAT AC) and the private sector (i.e. Federation of ASEAN Shipowners Associa­ tions (FASA), Federation of ASEAN Shippers' Councils (FASC) and ASEAN ·CCI WGTAC) also attended the meeting of the Working Group. On the Broker Telegraph System, it was

In: International Organizations and the Law of the Sea 1988

-Australia Cooperation Programme on Marine Sciences ASEAN Aquaculture Development and Coordinating Programme ASEAN Automotive Federation (ASEAN-CCI) ASEAN Australia Economic Cooperation Programme ASEAN Aluminium Industry Club ASEAN-Australia Media & Information Programme ASEAN Association for Planning and Housing

In: International Organizations and the Law of the Sea