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1 Introduction Studies of the Arab Spring protests are revisiting the longstanding and rich theoretical debates about the relationship between Islam and democracy. Historically, a strong body of early research argued for culturalist interpretations, in which Islam and democracy were

In: Comparative Sociology
Author: Aslı Ü. Bâli

neighbours in Syria, northern Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran. With respect to Iraqi Kurdistan, by the end of 2010, Turkey was the most important partner for the region in terms A Turkish Model for the Arab Spring? Aslı Ü. Bâli 1 UCLA School of Law , Los Angeles, California Abstract Th e revolutionary

In: Middle East Law and Governance
Author: Haim Bresheeth

that sense, the protest movement in Israel, which arose in July 2011, was clearly inspired by the Arab spring events (according to some of its leaders). The Israeli protest movement, or the ‘tent protest’ as it came to be known, shunned the complex issues of the post-1967 occupation and control of

In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
Author: Ibrahim Natil

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations in the Arab Spring (2010-2013) Ibrahim Natil Abstract The purpose of this chapter is to study the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations in responding to the Arab Spring (2010-2012) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). By

In: Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible

In the wake of the Arab Spring, analysts and casual observers alike are wondering about the character of the activists who have brought down regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, and are threatening to do so in others. The popular media has painted these uprisings as youth revolutions, in which

In: Middle East Law and Governance

make in the ensuing discussion and, equally important, what would be the most sensible way to develop that contribution? These questions were among the many issues we confronted when we began, perhaps precipitously, to collaborate in summer 2011 to explain the “Arab Spring.” With a bit of hubris

In: Middle East Law and Governance
Author: Matt Buehler

Islamists across the Middle East have contributed to the Arab Spring, pushing dictators and monarchs to either implement reform or give up power. Although youth remain the engine behind these demonstrations, Islamists often join their ranks as seasoned organizers with past protest experience