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Mika Vähäkangas

charismatically oriented pastors and priests are to be found in almost every denomination. The greatest exception to this shift of gravity of charismatic phenomena from the historic churches is Ambilikile Mwasapila, popularly known as Babu wa Loliondo, or the Grandfather of Loliondo after the district where he

Mika Vähäkangas

Tanzania. He has published theological and ethnographic research mainly on Christianity in Africa. Rev. Ambilikile Mwasapila aka Babu wa Loliondo, so nicknamed after his advanced age ( babu is Kiswahili for grandfather or elderly man) and the district of his activity, suddenly became the most luminous

religious life within both a local and transnational context. Mikas Vahakangas examines the work of a Lutheran minister, Ambileke Mwasapila, who was popularly known as Babu wa Loliondo. He established a healing ministry in a small northern Tanzanian village, where he treated a multiethnic clientele of

wa Loliondo’s theology of healing In: Exchange: (2016), vol. 45, no. 3, p. 269-297. Abstract : Retired Lutheran pastor Ambilikile Mwasapila (nicknamed Babu wa Loliondo) became the most celebrated healer in Eastern Africa for half a year in 2011. His healing consists of an herbal potion, brewed

Auli M. Vähäkangas

medicine part of the holistic approach. During the three years between my two episodes of fieldwork in Northern Tanzania, a healer called Babu wa Loliondo (Grandpa from Loliondo) suddenly became very famous. 31 He was especially understood to be able to heal the hiv -virus with herbal medicine. During


Mika Vähäkangas

Religionen begegnet: Tagungsbericht der 17. Wissenschaftlichen Konsultation der Societas Oecumenica , edited by Andrew Pierce & Oliver Schuegraf , 51 – 67 . Leipzig : Evangelische Verlagsanstalt , 2014 . Vähäkangas Mika . “ Babu wa Loliondo – Healing the tensions between Tanzanian worlds .” Journal

Benno van den Toren and Klaas L. Bom

Theology.” Exchange 44 : 123 – 143 . Vähäkangas , Mika ( 2016 ). “Negotiating Religious Traditions – Babu Wa Loliondo’s Theology of Healing.” Exchange 45 : 269 – 297 . Vanhoozer , Kevin J. ( 2006 ). “On the Very Idea of a Theological System: An Essay in Aid of Triangulating

Lotta Gammelin

). “ Babu wa Loliondo : Healing the Tensions between the Tanzanian Worlds.” Journal of Religion in Africa , 45 , 1 : 3 – 36 . Whyte , Susan Reynolds ( 1989 ). “Anthropological Approach to African Misfortune. From Religion to Medicine.” In Anita Jacobson-Widding and David Westerlund