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Benoit Mayer

s were adopted by cma 1.3 on the recommendation of the cop 24, in December 2018. The parties to the Paris Agreement are to follow these mpg s starting with an initial Biennial Transparency Report due at the end of 2024. This article reviews the transparency arrangements under the Paris

Charlotte Streck, Moritz von Unger and Nicole Krämer

Parties to enable the evaluation of progress and inform ndc s – the first stocktake will take place in 2023. → The transparency framework, Article 13 All Parties have to submit ‘Biennial Transparency Reports’ from 2024 onwards applying common reporting formats. The reports will be reviewed by

Hao Zhang

finance contained in the Biennial Transparency Report will be a source of input to the Global Stocktake to consider “at a collective level”. The Global Stocktake will therefore have access to information related to methodologies used. See Alexander Zahar's article in this issue. 75 Article 9(5) Reporting

Gu Zihua, Christina Voigt and Jacob Werksman

Transparency Report— btr ). However, on this point too, the Mode 2 list is not exhaustive. As noted, it does not include compliance with Article 4.8, on ndc information, or the more contentious collective financial obligations in Article 9.1 and 9.3. These considerations show that the third approach