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Emma Borg

and the relevance theoretic approach) still face signifi cant problems. I will then conclude by suggesting that an alternative account, emerging from semantic minimalism, is best placed to accommodate Grice’s distinction. Keywords semantics, experimental pragmatics, Grice, conversational implicatures

Madeleine Arseneault

being done by something other than pretence generating rules, and this undercuts the Pretence account. Instead, what this explanation of the chief characteristics of idioms suggests is that the work of explaining idioms is being done by a theory of conversational implicatures. Stanley’s challenge

Andreas Stokke

being cooperative only to the extent that they assume they are being truthful. My main motivation for rejecting this idea is the observation that inferences that have the marks of inferences of Gricean conversational implicatures are often made by hearers, even when they recognize that the speaker is

Laurence Horn

by defi ning a relation of conversational implicature within a general theory of cooperation and rationality. While critics have disputed the formulation and derivation of Gricean principles, the overall framework, with appropriate emendations, remains the most natural and explanatory approach to


Mateusz Włodarczyk

1 Introduction: Conversational Implicatures, Presuppositions and Reinforceability The purpose of the present paper is to reconsider the status of indirect messages communicated with the use of implicative verbs. 1 Traditionally implicative verbs were treated as presupposition triggers (Karttunen

Joke Spruyt

; conversational implicatures, on the other hand, are to be determined by contextual factors. 28 Grice further maintains that conversational implicatures are essentially tied up with what he labels as “certain general features of discourse”. 29 The most important characteristic of conversations in general, Grice


Mary Byram Washburn, Elsi Kaiser and Maria Luisa Zubizarreta

structurally encoded in the it-cleft. We will propose instead that the exhaustivity of the English it-cleft is a conversational implicature arising from the interaction between the maxims of quantity and quality. The paper is organized as follows. Section 2 will present an overview of research on exhaustivity

Numerous Meanings

The Meaning of English Cardinals and the Legacy of Paul Grice


Bert Bultinck

Outlandish as it may seem to the uninitiated, the meaning of English cardinal numbers has been the object of many heated and fascinating debates. Notwithstanding the numerous important objections that have been formulated in the last three decades, the (neo-)Gricean, scalar account is still the standard semantic description of numerals.
In this book, Bultinck writes the history of this implicature-driven approach and demonstrates that it suffers from methodological insecurity and postulates highly non-conventional meanings of numerals as their "literal meaning", while it confuses the level of lexical semantics with that of utterances and cannot deal with a large number of counter-examples. Relying on the results of an extensive corpus-based analysis, an alternative account of the meaning of English cardinals and the ways in which their interpretation is influenced by other linguistic elements is presented. As such, this analysis constitutes a prism that offers todays linguist an iridescent history of one of the most fascinating, if often misconstrued, topics in contemporary meaning research: the conversational implicatures.

Caj Strandberg

connection between moral language and motivation. In this section, I will argue that externalism, in conjunction with a pragmatic claim that employs Paul Grice’s notion of generalized conversational implicature, provides such an explanation. 28 Moreover, I will explain how this view avoids the internalist

Assertions in Fictions

An Indirect Speech Act Account

Manuel García-Carpintero

forward contents for our consideration; and the mechanism through which they do it is that of speech act indirection , of which conversational implicatures are a particular case. There are two main points of disagreement with Green in this, if I understand his views correctly. First, it requires that