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Author: Ingrid Ulst

financial services legislation. Keywords consumer loan, cross-border services, electronic money, financial services, payment instrument, prepaid card, retail lending, SMS loan 1. Introduction Innovative financial solutions are often said to be always one step ahead of regulation and existing legal

In: Review of Central and East European Law

item 715. Law of 7 Sep 2005 (anti-usury) in Dziennik ustaw 2005 no. 157, item 1,316. In force 20 Feb 2006. Amends the Civil Code and Consumer code regarding limitation of interest. Law of 10 Mar 2006 (foreign, i.e., cross-border, service transactions and their administration, including sales of

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Functioning of the European Union ( tfeu ) because it would discourage the company from extending its activities within the United Kingdom. It would also infringe on the right of companies to provide cross-border services pursuant to Article 56 because it would limit the ability of passengers to travel abroad

In: International Labor Rights Case Law
Authors: An Baeyens and Tom Goffin

during a temporary stay in another Member State, the services identified by the Commission in its action are cross-border services and, as such, fall within the scope of Article 49 EC. 4 According to settled case-law, medical services provided for consideration fall within the scope of the provisions on

In: European Journal of Health Law
Author: Ming Du

members with a mix of developed and developing countries representing around two thirds of global trade in cross-border services. 2 Revealingly, none of the BRIC states participated in the initiative. Furthermore, Collins explicitly states that his book focuses on the regulation of outward FDI in

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found in the Court of Justice’s case law, in which it has developed three exceptions to the internal situations-rule, namely: returning nationals (§ 2.3.1), nationals providing cross-border services based in their home-Member State (§ 2.3.2) and nationals who, after exercising free movement rights, have

In: European Journal of Migration and Law

Action plan 2012-2020) provides an overview of the relevant body of EU legislation applicable to cross border services provided in the EU (patients’ rights, licensing/registration of health professionals, processing of health data, liability reimbursement). Its purpose is to serve as a starting point for

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the movement of TCN service providers in the EU. Proposal for a Council directive extending the freedom to provide cross-border services to third-country nationals established within the Community, COM (1999) 3 final. 31) The EU directives on mutual recognition of qualifications do not cover any

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Author: Maria Sokalska

covers MEDICAL CONFIDENTIALITY – QUO VADIS? 39 a broad range of cross-border services provided by electronic means at the indi- vidual request of recipient of services. Medicine on-line has become subject of an information society service. E-Commers stresses the importance of safeguarding privacy

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Protocol where the recipient of the transported goods is established in Germany’. 44 It could therefore be asserted a contrario that an undertaking, which is established in a Member State and provides cross-border services for persons established in another Member State, including its Turkish employees

In: European Journal of Migration and Law