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Author: Rachel Hachlili
Ancient Synagogues - Archaeology and Art. New Discoveries and Current Research presents archaeological evidence - the architecture, art, Jewish symbols, zodiac, biblical tales, inscriptions, and coins – which attest to the importance of the synagogue. When considered as a whole, all these pieces of evidence confirm the centrality of the synagogue institution in the life of the Jewish communities all through Israel and in the Diaspora. Most importantly, the synagogue and its art and architecture played a powerful role in the preservation of the fundamental beliefs, customs, and traditions of the Jewish people following the destruction of the Second Temple and the loss of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. The book also includes a supplement of the report on the Qazion excavation.
The aim of this series is to focus upon the relationship between semantic and pragmatic theories for a variety of natural language constructions. The boundary between semantics and pragmatics can be drawn in many various ways; the relative benefits of each have given rise to a vivid theoretical dispute in the literature in the last three decades. As a side effect, this variety has produced a certain degree of confusion and absence of purpose in the extant publications on the topic. This series provides a forum where the confusion within the existing literature can be removed and the issues raised by different positions can be discussed with a renewed sense of purpose. The editors intend the contributions to this series to take further steps towards clarity and cautious consensus.
Authors: Helmut Reich and Peter Hill

follow detail possible new developments, as covered in our con- cluding overview. Keywords Psychology of religion, current research, psychology of religion, history, psychology of religion, opportunities From time to time it is important to take stock of a field’s current health and to assess where a field

In: Archive for the Psychology of Religion
Editors: Ricks and Donald Parry
This volume of conference papers presents new discoveries, updated information, and technological advances in the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Two papers examine the identity of the messiahs in 4Q246 and 4Q521. A thorough analysis of scribal markings in the Dead Sea texts is presented.
Biblical studies include multiple literary editions of biblical texts, the book of Numbers at Qumran, and the appearance of the Tetragrammaton in 4QSamᵃ texts. The notions of judgment and salvation according to Sapiential Work A are thoroughly examined, and the relationship of the six Barki Nafshi texts is carefully considered.
New developments in the field of Dead Sea Scrolls studies include the Dead Sea Scrolls Database and DNA studies on the scrolls themselves.
Editor-in-Chief: Philip G. Ziegler
Brill Research Perspectives in Theological Traditions presents extended essays addressing the current research into the theology and doctrine of Christianity’s diverse traditions as well as similar bodies of thought in other religious traditions. In each issue—typically fifty to one-hundred pages in length including annotated bibliographies – expert scholars map out the current field of research and provide a state of the art account of the subject. Our authors provide historical overviews of important developments, discuss influential theological figures and their ongoing reception, as well as analyzing contemporary debates about the history, present state, and emerging future of specific confessional theological traditions. Brill Research Perspectives in Theological Traditions is an invaluable resource for students wishing to become and stay current with the latest research concerning the wide-range of Christian and other religious traditions, as well as a dynamic and expert resource for students of theology, history, and related fields.

Forthcoming issues:
Evangelical Theology
Old Catholic Theology
Latin-American Protestantism

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Research in Phenomenology is an international peer-reviewed journal for current research in phenomenology and contemporary continental philosophy as practiced in its global setting. In addition to critical studies of major themes and figures in this area of research, the journal publishes studies dealing with current topics at the intersection of philosophy and the humanities, as well as historical studies relevant to the phenomenological tradition. The journal devotes one issue each year to a special topic and includes in-depth reviews of significant, recently published books in this area of research.
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Charles Gadéa & Michel Lallement French Sociology and Time: Origin, Development, and Current Research ABSTRACT For French sociology, time has never been the central subject of an independent field of research. Without being neglected, the theme of time remains never theless on the fringe. In

In: KronoScope

52:13-53:12", in H. Goedicke (ed.), Near Eastern Studies in Honor of William Foxwell Albright (Baltimore and London, 1971), p. 71. 3 Scrolls from Qumrân Cave I from Photographs by John C. Treaer (Jerusalem, 1974), p. 51. SOME PROBLEMS OF THE JUBILEES CALENDAR IN CURRENT RESEARCH The continuing delays

In: Vetus Testamentum