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St. Cyril of Alexandria: The Christological Controversy describes the turmoil of 5th century Christianity seeking to articulate its beliefs on the person of Christ. The policies of the Theodosian dynasty and the conflicting interests of the patriarchal sees are set as the context of the controversy between Nestorius of Constantinople and Cyril of Alexandria, a bitter dispute that racked the entire oecumene. The historical analysis expounds the arguments of both sides, particularly the Christology of Cyril which was adopted as a standard. Many major texts are presented in new translations, some of which have never before appeared in English. These writings are essential reading in the history of doctrine. The work will be an indispensable resource for all students of the period: theologians and Byzantinists.
Author: Hans van Loon
The formula ‘one incarnate nature of the Word of God’ has often been depicted as a summary of Cyril of Alexandria’s (ca 378-444) christology. But no systematic study into his christological works has been published. Besides, there is no consensus regarding the meaning of the key terms and expressions in these works. This book addresses this deficiency by an integral investigation of the archbishop’s christological writings during the first two years of the Nestorian controversy, and comes to the conclusion that his christology is basically dyophysite. This re-appraisal of his christology bears on the understanding of the Council of Chalcedon and on contemporary ecumenical relations, especially those between the Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox.

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In: Gaining and Losing Imperial Favour in Late Antiquity
Author: John J. O'Keefe

CHRISTIANIZING MALACHI: FIFTH-CENTURY INSIGHTS FROM CYRIL OF ALEXANDRIA BY JOHN J. O'KEEFE Shortly after his elevation to the episcopacy in the year 412, Cyril of Alexandria began work on a series of commentaries which may have at one time covered every book of the Bible. Not all of these

In: Vigiliae Christianae

So entrenched is the view of Cyril of Alexandria as an ecclesiastical tyrant who ruthlessly and scrupulously wielded his power to crush foes both at home and abroad that it is counterintuitive to learn that he began his episcopal tenure from a position of pronounced weakness, facing

In: Eastern Christianity and Late Antique Philosophy

Matthew R. Crawford, Cyril of Alexandria’s Trinitarian Theology of Scripture . Oxford University Press, Oxford/New York 2014, xi + 290 pp. ISBN 9780198722625. £75; US $ 125. L’auteur se propose un double but: contribuer à une meilleure connaissance du rôle de l’exégèse dans la théologie

In: Church History and Religious Culture
In: Exegeting the Jews: The Early Reception of the Johannine “Jews”