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reviewers for their helpful comments on the earlier draft of this article. 1 Richard W. Hu, “China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ Strategy: Opportunity or Challenge for India?,” China Report 53: 2 (2017): 108. doi: 10.1177/0009445517696619. 2 Shirin Lakhani, “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Regional Effects

In: The Chinese Journal of Global Governance

role along the ancient Silk Road and its natural geographic advantages. Sharing a border with Pakistan, Chinese companies are already actively building hydro, wind and solar projects in Pakistan under the framework of the so-called “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” valued at us $45 billion ( Haugwitz

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Afghanistan, as well as the spread of chaos and violence from its territory to neighboring countries and regions, could jeopardize obor and China’s existing investments. For example, construction of the China–Pakistan economic corridor will cost China us $46 billion in the next 10–15 years. 62 During

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, the ongoing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor are pronounced to be closely related to the Belt and Road Initiative. 16 Other institutions include Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ( apec ), Asia-Europe Meeting ( asem ), Asia Cooperation

In: The Chinese Journal of Global Governance

’s chronic energy shortages, an issue critical to many Pakistanis (Shah 2015 ). The new pipeline also will connect Iran’s gas fields to Gwadar, the Chinese-built port in Western Pakistan, and serve as the first stage of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ( cpec )—a $46 billion 3218 km (2000 mile) economic

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of “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” and “Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor.” All these efforts can be viewed as important signs and developments in the direction of “strategic economy

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identifies corresponding deficits in Pakistan’s economy, and deploys a case study of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) to do so. This leads to the realization that significant macroeconomic (1) efficiencies, and (2) synergies, are realized through the development of CPEC , and then through OBOR

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the Strait of Malacca. 24 Energy supplies could instead be transported from the port of Gwadar directly to its inland Xinjiang province through the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, helping to mitigate the ‘Malacca dilemma’. The Strait of Malacca is the strategic waterway that China relies upon to

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incorporate and/or connect with multiple distinct transportation corridors such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the decades-old United Nations Economic and Social Commission Trans-Asia Railway that connects Kunming to Thailand, China-Bangkok-Laos and Kunming-Vietnam-Cambodia, the Mekong River

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environmental implications. 7 From a geographical perspective, the Silk Road Economic Belt ( SREB ) is divided into six corridors: one of them, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ), runs from South-Western China to Pakistan. 8 Under CPEC , surface coal mines in the Thar region, and coal fired power

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