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Dany Azar and André Nel

( Grimaldi and Engel, 2005; Balashov, 1984; Ribeiro, 1995 ). Among Diptera sixteen families belonging to five infraorders are known to include fossil and/or recent blood- or hemolymph-sucking taxa, i.e., Psychodomorpha (Psychodidae); Culicomorpha (Culicidae, Corethrellidae, Ceratopogonidae, Chironomidae

Lars Sawedal

Distribution of leg sensilla chaetica in male Chironomidae (Diptera) and its phylogenetic significance LARS SAWEDAL The hair-like sense organs found on the tarsomeres in Chironomidae can be classified as sensilla chaetica (SCh). They are of three different types and there are indications on the

Viktor Baranov and Evgeny E. Perkovsky

PIN. We examined 65 inclusions kindly lent to us by Prof. Alexandr Rasnitsyn. All specimens belong to the Orthocladiinae – the most common subfamily of Chironomidae in amber deposits worldwide ( Zelentsov et al., 2012 ). In this series we found eight males. Seven specimens belong to previously

P.S. Cranston

The metamorphosis of Symposiocladius lignicola (Kieffer) n.gen., n.comb., a wood-mining Chironomidae (Diptera) P. S. CRANSTON Ent. scand. Cranston, P. S.: The metamorphosis of Symposiocladius lignicola (Kieffer) n.gen., n.comb., a wood-mining Chironomidae (Diptera). Ent. scand. 13: 419

Lars Säwedal

The cururui-group of the genus Stempellina Thienemann & Bause. Amazonian Tanytarsini II. (Diptera: Chironomidae) LARS SÄWEDAL Two new chironomid species from the Amazon area, Stempellina cururui sp.n. and S. tarumai sp.n., are described. The species form a well defined species-group within the

Endre Willassen and Lars Säwedal

Redescription of Micropsectra borealis (Kieffer, 1922) n.comb. (Diptera: Chironomidae) LARS SÄWEDAL and ENDRE WILLASSEN The first description of the pupa of Micropsectra borealis (Kieffer, 1922) and a redescrip- tion of the imago ♂ is presented. The genus Oeklandia Kieffer, 1922 is synonymised

Bernhard Lindeberg

Identity and nomenclature of Tanytarsus longitarsis (Diptera: Chironomidae) BERNHARD LINDEBERG Säwedal (1982) proposed Tanytarsus bernhardi as a new name for T. longitarsis sensu Lindeberg, not Kieffer, 1911. I still think my identification is correct, although the types seen by Säwedal were

Viktor Baranov, Trond Andersen and Evgeny E. Perkovsky

specimens are deformed, which is a common feature for inclusions in ambers of the rumanite-type, they have received little attention from paleodipterologists ( Rasnitsyn & Quicke 2002 ). Only one species of Chironomidae, the orthoclad Pseudorthocladius zherikhini Baranov et Perkovsky, 2013 , has so far

Lars Säwedal

Tanytarsus bernhardi new name for Tanytarsus longitarsis sensu Lindeberg 1967, nec Kieffer, 1911 (Diptera: Chironomidae). LARS SÄWEDAL Tanytarsus bernhardi new name is proposed as a replacement name for Tanytarsus longi- tarsis sensu Lindeberg 1967. The study of the syntype material (1 ♂ ) has

P.G. Mason

Four new species of the Cryptochironomus fulvus (Johannsen) species complex (Diptera: Chironomidae) P. G. MASON Four new nearctic species belonging to the Cryptochironomus fulvus species complex are discussed. The male imago, pupa and larva of C. curryi; the male and female imagines, pupae and