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Jürgen Kramer

City of London as the heart of the British economy was much more important to them than the car industry to Germany. (iii) In May 2014, the Sunday Times published its Rich List according to which the ‘wealth of the top 1,000 has doubled since the financial crisis’ ( Kollewe 2014 ). 2 They own ‘the


Christoph Ehland

1 Introduction The City of London does not really spring to mind when one thinks about urban resistance. The only form of defiance one might associate with it is the bankers’ resistance to government control. Historically, however, the City stands for more than banks, hedge funds and excessive

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Christakis Georgiou

Britain was 40% as against an eu average of between 47% and 49%. Corporation tax was 33% (down from 52% in 1981) as opposed to 56.7% in Germany. 42 The second trend was the continued revival of the City of London as an international financial centre. International capital flows accelerated markedly

Jairus Banaji

investing heavily on their own account. 41 The ‘private English’ in China (an expression laced with irony, since there was a ‘preponderance of Scottish names’ among them) had the backing of the great East India Houses, a number of old and powerful firms in the City of London. 42 Jardines’ list of